Hello friends
Today I present the forest that surrounds my city.
Five minutes by car from Bilbao.
We are the forest or park of akarlanda.
We cannot say that it is a tourist park, since it has nothing in particular that distinguishes it from others.
Only that you have nature in full five minutes from home, I call that quality of life.

We are at the door of autumn, but here we are still green.
We left the car in the parking lot and started walking.
The paths intersect and separate, paths that you can walk while contemplating the animals that go our way.
Like this pretty limako or slug.
They look disgusting beings but they are beautiful in the environment and this one in particular with its striking colors.
agosto 337.jpg

You can also see some little mouse hiding among the ivy, waiting for you to pass to continue his life.

We use this park to walk and meet the gang (friends)
In their grills we make great food, nothing special some chop and many laughs.

We are at the gates of autumn and the chestnuts are already on the ground, you can see their green barbed coat and inside the rich fruits, ready to cook or roast, well these can not be eaten since they are wild or so they say, so That we will only contemplate.
agosto 444.jpg

We also have the oak with its acorn the ground is full of them, I like the contrast of the already withered leaf with the green of the acorn.
agosto 329.jpg


There are secret corners so that nobody bothers you and you can meditate on the world, what we are and where we arrive, or what you want, for that we have an active and creative mind.
agosto 407.jpg

It also has the games of children zip lines and bridges from tree to tree, they can be believed to be Trazan and that the forest is a great jungle.


The climbing wall can not miss with its prey and looking at the sky.
You climb them as if you were a spider attached to the wall.
agosto 453.jpg

When we go out to the field I usually take the crystal ball, it is not an easy thing to weigh and you have to be careful that it is clean, but beautiful catches are always achieved.
agosto 333.jpg

Walking we find an old cabin and only the stone walls remain.

The forest and the leaves are already covered in autumn, they remind us that the world does not stop.
agosto 378.jpg

agosto 423.jpg

And how is a northern forest
I could not miss the puddle, here is the most normal since if we are green, it is because it rains a lot and it has rained tonight, so I could not miss the tree in the puddle
I love how it reflects, even if you fill yourself with mud.

Among fallen trees we reach the playground.

How can you say that we are not children.
When they are not there, the elders take years off and enjoy believing and letting out the child we have inside.


The walk is over, you have to go home and return to the normal routine.
I take a beautiful and interesting morning.

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