CHAMBORD a castle that was not-France

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CHAMBORD a castle that was not


Hello friends
Today I bring you this fabulous castle of the Loire Valley.
I say castle that was not, since it was only inhabited a few days by King Francisco I
The competition between kings was the result of this castle.
The ancient kings always competed with the largest kingdom, the best women and viands and as best house, which they were castles.
Thanks to that competitive spirit and power we can appreciate today the greatness of other times.
The king said: we traveled to the castle
The servants prepared all things since there was no commerce around the castle.
Actually the castle was a hunting area for the enjoyment of the king.

The servants went out in a caravan with all the equipment and a few days later the king left.
They say that the head of the entourage came just as the king left his other castle.
The castle is a chimera since as I say it never inhabited for a long time.
But it is the most beautiful castle in the entire valley.
Only from afar we can admire all its beauty.

Limestone is the raw material.
The slate roof.
The exterior decoration between romantic and Renaissance and classic.
The view does not leave you indifferent.

You know that I do not like to put your story as it is within reach of a computer key.
I only tell my experience, my feelings.
The feeling is that you are small very small.
Poor very poor hehe and that Vivian as the name implies, as kings.
The castle is a real wonder, it is worth it.
The Loire Valley is characterized by its castles
This is the best of all.
The facade with its towers and turrets.

Its large balconies and its watermarks.

The salamander recorded on all sites,
It was believed that she had the gift of being immune to fire.

If we climb its mysterious staircase, that's another story.
A ladder that one can go down another climb and not be seen.
How can this be possible?
It is a double helix staircase and only the central windows overlook the hole where it was possible to see you.

It is not known who the builder is, everything is speculation, some say that the imprint of the structure is Leonardo da Vinci, but there is nothing clear.
Only when entering is what catches your attention.
The rooms dressed in blue tones.
Arranged for princesses or great ladies.

Another with red and gold
Was it the king's?
The truth is that I have visited several castles and the rooms do not differ much from each other.
High beds, very high, with large canopies and ornate upholstery.
Particularly they seem cold and bloodless to me, of course I am not queen or princess but a poor vassal.

The view from the rooftops is beautiful.
We can see the bridge that passes the moat.

I think if you are in love with castles, the Loire Valley would love you.
In little territory there are many castles.

If you travel on your own many municipal campsites and everything is ready for tourism.
You will spend some pleasant days and see what it is to live like a king.

This is my holiday castle.
What's yours?
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lizelle @lizelleOctober 2019

What magnificent architecture @txatxy, such a beautiful castle! That staircase really is fascinating although the stairwell looks very scary! I like your little castle by the way, much more cosy than 100 rooms;)


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Joe LaiYF @joelaiOctober 2019

This looks majestic and I would love to visit it someday, if able...


Only one old castle here, but certainly not this extravagant, as it was used as a building for the government. Although the local tribes have kings, no king ever ruled the entire country.
Your castle here is very beautiful and if only beds could talk hahaha


Your impressive photography showcases the elaborate design of Château de Chambord in a very well done post! @txatxy I was curious to learn more about Chambord and found on Wiki that the château features 440 rooms, 282 fireplaces, and 84 staircases. Astonishing!


What an amazing post such a cool castle even if it wasn't, awesome shots of it

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)


That is a beauty! Imagine living there. !Tip

ac khoo @ackhooOctober 2019

You got some amazing shots of the castle, great mood... :)
Happy Friday, my friend!

Ligita @ligitOctober 2019

@tipu curate 1

txatxy @txatxyOctober 2019


adalger @adalgerOctober 2019

Soo extremely beautiful !! .. I already visited several castles and fortresses, but only a handful of them are comparable ^^ .. this architecture and decorations are admirable. I wish that architecture nowadays would be just 10 percent of that old historical complecity .. must be an amazing feeling to walk through it ;)