Pyrenees magic mountain range

Hello friends
Today I present a piece of the Pyrenees, Spain-France.
These mountains border between Spain and France.
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You already know where to find the explanations, as I always give you my opinion and my experience.
We started the day leaving Bilbao home three hours by car, getting up early and asleep.
In anticipation of the weather since storms form very often and I tell you from experience it is not good to be in a storm at 3,000 meters.
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This is not an escalation recently, rather a few years ago.
When life treated us better and there were no diseases.
Always since childhood I have climbed the mountain.
Here was tradition on Sundays since we live surrounded by them.
It has always cost me, I have always suffered but I have always enjoyed.
The mountains we have at home are low but you start from sea level so on a Sunday you can climb 1,300 in one morning, so I wasn't afraid of the Pyrenees.
But they are something else.
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After three hours by car you arrive you put on your boots and warm clothes, maybe you spend heat going up but at the top it is always cold since you sweat and stay ice cream.
Climb and climb stones and trees but after a certain altitude everything is stones.
For me it was a torture my legs hurt, it is hard for me to get warm and the first half hour is to say I can't, it hurts, if I eat a girl haha
According to my legs they acclimatize and my husband tells me you can!
I am recovering, I want to see the birds and the landscape but as they know me they know that what I want is to rest a little.
You meet the mountaineers, there are always greetings and people who are worse than your haha that is a comfort. But there are also those who climb without any effort those give envy haha

But El Aneto is the highest peak in the Pyrenees, with an altitude of 3404.
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It was the one that I cried the most if I cry, it is the way I have to say I can no longer be exhausted.
Do not laugh hehe is the pure truth the descent was a sea of tears.
I felt parts of my body that I didn't know I had and that hurt.
Pimples only hurt when you hit yourself. That's fake haha
After six hours of walking you have to drive three hours to return home.
But the truth is that it is worth it.
The place, the mountaineers, healthy and cheerful people always willing to help you.
Now when my body doesn't miss me anymore.
I pick up the photos and books and think of the warm blood of youth.
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Castillo de Acher
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