Txalaparta ancestral music

Hello friends
The parties are over but I still have many things to show you.
This time it is the Txalaparta.

I think I taught you years ago.
Today I present it to you with two hands, well rather four, they are masters of this music so ours, so ancestral.
Being a percussion instrument the notes reverberate in your body and little by little you feel that thing that we all carry inside when we lived in caverns and music was something vital in magical or spiritual ceremonies.
Our parties cannot happen without a txalaparta session.

These four woods placed on legs, formerly rested in straw-filled baskets.
The maces that are made of wood so everything is natural and handmade.
They only hit the woods depends on the position and strength the tones are different.
But they always remind you of something, nothing concrete but what you feel inside.
That none of us can say what it is, that makes you tremble and feel.
If you close your eyes you can think of another era.

It seems an easy thing but quite the opposite
You have to be in sync with your partner so everything is perfect.
For the sound to fulfill its mission.
Transport you to another universe.
It is also quite tiring since they are minutes that you do not stop moving and hitting.


The brain in tune with the hands and they caressing the wood until they make the resonance come alive and sing

I put a video of one of his performances.
I hope you like it
Close your eyes and feel the music.

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