The beauty of Las Arenas

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Hello friends
Today I’m going to show you Getxo’s most glamorous ride
It was the 19th century and Máximo Aguirre created the Las Arenas neighborhood.
He was a rich merchant who bought the land to make a wealthy neighborhood with a spa and everything.
All houses facing the sea, each one different and from different architects.
Today this will be our walk.
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Located a few minutes by car from my house or taking the subway and getting off at Las Arenas if your steps lead to the sea in two minutes you will be on the promenade.
To spend the morning calm and enjoying the landscape.
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I leave the story to this area we call it Neguri.
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Here the richest met an exquisite area to show off your wealth.
The ride shows us the sea, the pleasure boats waiting for their occupants to wake up rest quietly in the calm waters.
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The new pleasure boats also rest in this area while their occupants stroll through the great spaces of my land he rests in the sea waiting to leave for new ports.
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But we only take a walk, to appreciate this wonder.
The walk is nice is an autumn day, with heat, so we take off the raincoat, a must on this land since the water visits us often and we start walking.
On the right side we find the houses all in a row with their large windows and their difference in architecture.
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It is a quiet place to walk and talk full of banks to enjoy that little moment of pleasure that gives us life.
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Some doing sports, others preparing their boat.
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Red brick with large balconies to enjoy sunny days, and large windows to see when the sea gets angry or a beautiful sunset.
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If you look to the left you find nature in full.
A heron in love with these lands, waiting for their livelihood in the calm waters.
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We sit for a moment, not to rest the flat terrain makes it a real walk.
We sat down to enjoy and see the atmosphere today.
See how families walk, also the loner or some with their dogs.
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We continue walking and seeing wonderful houses all of different style and all worthy of desire.
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Even small castles we can admire, with its round shapes and pointed roofs.
I like it the most, even the glass of the car admires its beauty.

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We are in the middle of the walk and it is time to turn around, if we want to be at home to eat.
In the next installment I will show you the most elegant mansions.
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Since this beautiful walk extends to Getxo and its old port
Where @uancar347 shows us with many beautiful pictures.
On the Bay of Biscay: Getxo, a fantasy

Final point.
Both at the beginning and throughout the walk you have fountains with fresh and potable water.

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Also free toilets.
They are automatic, I could not resist not teaching how they are.
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But remind you that you only have 15 minutes then the door opens.
Nor can you enter behind someone who has just left you since it will get you wet in your cleaning process.
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A walk for the whole family, to play sports or just enjoy nature 15 minutes from the city.
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This is the view of our little walk
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