The Guggenheim Museum in the light of the moon-Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain

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The Guggenheim Museum in the light of the moon

Hello friends
Today we walk in the light of the moon.
I do not think the werewolf attacks us.
Since we are in the center of the city.


Today our eyes will focus on the museum.
We who are from Bilbao are known to be braggarts.
That we thought when in 1991.
Word spread to the museum in our city.
We all said the same as Bilbao.
Who will come?
And although we believe ourselves the navel of the world.
We did not see it.
But today, after 22 more years.
Being among the 20 most visited museums in the world.
Already part of our history.
It is ours, our pride, our, our, our.
Here we see it from the other side of the estuary.
Haughty, beautiful, bright.
Full of gold, although it is bright gray with its titanium sheets.


Everything around is full of color.
The small lake reflects everything.
As if it were a mirror.
We can see the spider, she takes care of us all.
That's why his name is mom

Although it may seem threatening.
She is a good mom.
With its long legs
The artist Louise Bourgeois gave us the design.
In stainless steel, marble and bronze.
She is very photographed.
She is happy to be part of us.

If we look at the other part of the river
We see the reflections of the old mansions.
They do have an old history.

Then there are the tulips
So full of color on the terrace.
They shine but they always shine.
It makes you want to look at them.


At the other end we have the water games.
In summer they want to play like children and cool off.

We also have Puppy who is the guardian of the museum.
But remember that it is night and he is resting.
You have to take care of the entrance, for the day.
The floral dog.
So I leave it by day

Finally we have the big tree and the eye
They are special reflect everything and everyone.
I designed and created Anish Kapoor
I do not know what to say.
They are beautiful.

Well this has been my walk for you today
I hope you would have a good time watching our museum

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me gusta todo jeje

Wow, unas fotos realmente maravillosas. No sabría con cuál quedarme. Bilbao es una ciudad realmente fuera de serie. Sinceramente, me encanta. Muchas gracias por ayudarnos a ver aún más su belleza. Feliz día

txatxy @txatxy2 months ago

claro es mi casa jajaja
feliz día


Y una bonita casa, además, ja, ja

Tussar11 @tussar112 months ago

Hello @txatxy
The Guggenheim Museum is looks beautiful in moon light.
the golden color looks extraordinary.
Awesome photographs..

txatxy @txatxy2 months ago

thank you
happy day friend

Smeralda @smeralda2 months ago

Amazing photos and lovely description @txatxy! I also invite you to share your photos in nTopaz.

NeuErko @neuerko2 months ago

Awesome photos.

It really is a great place to visit and the pics really make justice to the place.

Thanks for share and greetings from Mexico.


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WOW what an awesome series of shots the Museum is amazing and the other features are all so cool