Hey Steemers, Still on Safari through Africa and just got WiFi again so here is our first stop in Africa - Cape Town!!


After our long flight from Singapore with a stop over in Dubai we finally stepped foot in Africa!

We got picked up from the airport and taken to our hotel at the Waterfront. The sun was going down so we quickly checked in and headed down to have a look around and get some dinner.


We found a restaurant on the water and got some dinner at Quay Four. It was really good, I got a seafood platter and Renee got a steak. We washed it down with some drinks then paid for the bill. Now apparently in South Africa tipping is a thing. In Australia we never tip so when the bill came out we paid the bill with an extra 20 rand but she came back and pointed out that we don't have to tip but handed our bill back expecting more of a tip. This is all new to us so we gave her an extra 50 rand and she seemed happy.


We headed back to our hotel to book a day tour for the morning as we only have two nights in Cape Town. Had an awesome sleep then woke up early for a breakfast buffet then a quick walk down to the Waterfront before we head out on our day tour. The first thing we see was Table Mountain. Wow what a cool back drop for the city! Seals where swimming around in the Port which was very nice to see.


None of the shops were open as it was too early so we headed back to our hotel to get picked up for our day tour.

First stop was national Park at Cape Point, to check out the light house.



Cape Hope the most southern/western point of Africa.


There were so many baboons just chilling on the road and sitting on parked cars, breaking off the wind screen wipers, haha these cheeky monkeys were fun to watch.



Next stop was the African penguins. These guys were so cute, all just chilling on the beach, as they where all moulting.



Got a quick bite to eat then headed to Hout Bay to catch a boat out to Seal Island.


The island was just full of seals all just sleeping on the island while others where playing in the water. It was really cool to see seals in the wild.


The last stop was the Botanical Gardens near Table Mountain.


It was very beautiful seeing all the natural plants in Africa with Table Mountain as the back drop.


We wrapped up the tour there then headed back to our hotel.

Once we got back we realised how sun burnt we both got. The side effects from the Malaria tablets are in full effect.
We got in contact with our friends we meet on our trip to Egypt that live in Cape Town and we met up with them then headed out for dinner at a roof top bar on the Waterfront.


As the sun was setting the clouds came over the top of Table mountain which they call the table cloth it looked so cool.


Good food, great drinks and an amazing view of the city as the sun set.


Was real fun to catch up with them again and have some laughs over some drinks and food, great times.

The next morning we headed down to the water front for a couple of Bloody Marys before our flight to Victoria Falls to start our 3 week Africa safari from Zimbabwe through Botswana, Namibia and back down through South Africa to Cape Town.


Woohoo so excited for this adventure!!

See you in 3 weeks Cape Town ๐Ÿ‘

Stay tuned for more post about this adventure at my next WiFi spot.

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Thanks for stopping by and Happy travels!!!