How's it going Travelfeeders and Steemers??

It's not long now until we are off on another adventure to Africa..19 days to be exact but who's counting haha.

I would like to share some photos from my boat trip to Seal Island.

Seal Island is a small island of the coast of False Bay near Cape Town in south Africa.

And is only a short boat ride from the bay.

While we were waiting for the boat to arrive this guy was feeding a wild seal by putting a fish in his mouth and leaning of the peir and the wild seal would jump out of the water to take the fish, which was pretty cool.

Once on the boat it's not long until you notice seals all through the bay.

The sea was rough that day my friend's, like an old man returning soup..

Seal Island is home to over 64, 000 Cape fur seals, and its their main breeding grounds.

It's really cool to watch these seals swimming around the boat and playing in the water.

Now the island is absolutely covered in seals!

The seals jump out of the water then climb over the other seals to find a sunbaking spot on the island.

Cape fur seals weigh up to 300kg

And will grow up to 2.3 meters in length.

These seals have an average life expectancy of 20 years

It sure was amazing to see so many seals all together. This was the first time I have ever seen a seal in real life 😊

Another great part of this boat trip was they had beers for sale on the boat👍

Thanks for stopping by happy travels.