The Summer Palace in Beijing was my favorite place to visit on my day off.

I was working in a theme park called Happy Valley and I had one day off a week. On my day off I would catch the subway and just chill out at the Summer Palace. The best part about this park is that you can find spots to just relax with no people around. I would like to share some photos that I took with you Steemers :)


Lotus Flowers

The Summer Palace is located in the north west area of Beijing. The park consists of gardens, rivers, palaces and a huge man made lake. The dirt from the lake was used to build the mountain in which the palace resides. The mountain is also known as Longevity Hill

Giant rubber duck floating in the lake

The architecture of the palace is so amazing. I felt like I was on the film set of Crouching tiger hidden dragon!



One day I was chilling at the palace on the hill, and I saw a temple off in the distance.


This temple looked exactly like the temple on the cigarettes that I was smoking at the time

So I thought OK I going to walk there and check it out...
It was already late in the afternoon and I walked for about 2 hours through the forest before it started to get dark. I was completely lost haha. But I still had my phone and the torch was still working. So after about 30 min in the dark wandering aimlessly in the forest thinking Jason Voorhees was behind the next tree. I found a road (thank goodness).. I followed the road for 30 min until I found a taxi and got a lift back to my dorm. As it turns out the temple was way further way then I thought!


Markets along the river

So if you're ever in Beijing, I highly recommend spending a day at the Summer Palace, take a boat ride on the lake and explore all the gardens. It is a must see when in Beijing!

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