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I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

So we are currently in Adelaide, South Australia. Had the South Australian Inline Titles on yesterday. It was a lot of fun and the after party was a rather big night haha. So what better way then to get rid of the hangover, then a huge breakfast and a car ride up the Adelaide Hills, to check out the world's largest rocking horse!

Now you will find the gigantic rocking horse at the Toy Factory in Gumeracha South Australia.

This beast of a rocking horse was entered into the guiness world records in 1981, which just happens to be another amazing thing to happen that year 😏

Standing 18.3 m high and weighing in at 25 tonnes. Featuring three observation decks, on the rocker bows, the saddle and on the head. And for the very low price of only $2 you can climb your way to the very top of this guiness world record masterpiece... Or you can just climb it for free, as you have to go out of your way to go and pay at the restaurant or something.

We made it to the top.

This rocking horse is a 20 - 1 up-scaling of the rocking horse that is made by the toy factory.

The toy factory is cool to check out as they make a huge range of hand made wooden toys. They also have an animal park where you can hand feed the wildlife.

So if you ever find yourself out in the Adelaide Hills, the rocking horse is worth stopping by to check out. And if you are a rocking horse enthusiast this place is a MUST see.

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