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So we have finally made it to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe to start our 3 week safari from Victoria Falls to Cape Town.


Once we landed we were both super excited.


We got our visas and bags then met up with our driver to take us to our camp site to meet up with our tour group. The moment we stepped out side there was a herd of goats chilling in the airport carpark. I knew straight away I was not in Brisbane any more.


We arrived late to the camp site and missed our tour briefing so headed out to find some dinner then meet up with our group in the morning.

The start of our truck tour through Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa has begun!

We finally met our group, 13 of us all up and we have a free day to explore Victoria Falls, the largest water falls on earth!


As we walk toward the entrance you can see the mist from the Falls in the sky, it looks like a bush fire it is that dense.


Some street hustlers try and sell us tourist treasures along the way until we enter the park.

Victoria Falls is just breath taking.


Even though the water was at only 20% it was so amazing to see.


The sound of the water fall and the spray in the air was just surreal. At one point the spray was a constant rain.


We checked out the falls from multiple vantage points.





Then then headed to the bridge which was the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. We got our border pass then crossed the bridge to watch some people bungee jump.


Then step foot on Zambian soil.


On the bridge people were selling tourist treasures and one of the guys really liked my hat, his name was Marcus, so after some haggling we ended up swapping the hat for 2 wood carved sculptures a hippo and a rhino.


Haha so now a guy is repping VC clothing hustling on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. So good 😊

We headed back to the Zimbabwe side and saw a family of wart hogs crossing the road.


Then a little monkey chilling on the fence.


We headed back to our camp site to find out that they wanted us to move out of our tent into a new one. But they never told us where to move to. It was a bit frustrating as we had no idea where the rest of our group was camped and our truck had moved. After an hour of walking around the camp site we found some empty tents and just claimed them.

As the sunset on day one of our Africa adventure and was in the books.... 21 days to go!!

Stay tuned for more blogs when I have WiFi 😊 there's not much WiFi out here....

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