Re: What happens when you feel the desire to leave, enter your car and just start driving.

Crossing the border to France took some time because of border control.

What? Border control?

On my way to SteemFest in Krakow this month, I cross the border from France to Germany, going to Stuttgart, and I never saw any border control.
I crossed this border in April and again in July, and there were no border control either.

You may have been unlucky.

Liz @lizanomadsoulNovember 2018

Yes, on my way back i didnt have it neighter. But on my way to Paris I crossed it close to the Rhein and there they closed all the streets and just let one open to look at the peoples faces while going through, just like they do it (every time) coming from Austria to Germany. They didnt stop many of the cars, but it caused some traffic jam, that they closed the other rails.