With this great and hot weather in the Netherlands local campings are fully booked. A lot of people decided, based up on the weather, to stay in their own country and I can't blame them. Although we always, when it's possible of course, want to go abroad we often stay in the Netherlands in the late season. Some years ago we went , together with my brothers family, to Texel. And Texel is a great island which is part of the wadden island.


The wadden islands are in the northern part of Holland and are surrounded by 'The wadden sea'. This part of the sea turns dry by ebb two times a day. So the area is also known for walking along the wadden, but you have to be back in time otherwise the water is rising again...


Texel, pronounce as tessel, is the biggest island of the wadden. it is know for it's touristic surroundings and beautiful beaches and dunes. You have to go by boat from Den Helder to reach Texel, there is a ferry company which leaves from an to Texel every hour.

Source Texel

During our stay we stayed at 'Vakantie park de Krim". It's a great campsite with lodges, houses but also with space where you can put your own caravan (which we did). It's like a small village on it's own with a swimmingpool (indoors), a lot of things to do for kids and every week a market on the central square on the campsite. It's a great park.


Because Texel is not that big a island you won't have to drive to far to see the great sights of Texel.

seals shelter ecomare

The seal shelter is a hot-spot for tourists. In the shelter sick or weakend seals are taking care of. From all over the wadden sea and beyond the seals are being brought. They made it a attraction for the tourists so they can create some income to pay for the care they are giving. It's great to see, often when a lot of young seals are born in the wild, a lot lose contact with their parents and the little ones are getting exhausted. They are brought to strength again in the shelter and are being released again. Some animals are to sick or damaged to be released ever again, they are now the permanent residents of the shelter.


beachcombing museum

The beachcombing museum houses all the stuff that has been found on the Texel beaches for more than 75 years. From small to very larges things, from common (gloves and stuff) to rare things (false teeth lol). You can't imagine what washes on the shore from the sea, from which a lot of stuff is throwen overboard by shipsmen...



The Texel lighthouse is one of the most famous buildings on Texel. Everbody knows it and it is on a lot of Texel's postcards. You can visit the lighthouse every day when it is open for public.

The beach on which the lighthouse resides is a great and wide beach where a lot of kite flying is being done.

Beer from Texel

Texel has it's own brewery with Texel's beer. The most famous is the "Skuumkoppe" which means something like "foam head' . It is a delicious beer, me and my brother had several during our stay ;)







Of course they had the draft versions om the camping, which we also had plenty of ;)


Fishing at sea

Every day several boats left to the sea with tourists to go fishing. I went together with my brother and his son, and with my oldest. We did catched a lot of mackerel which the captain cleaned for us. We ate them at night on the bbq. It was delicious. We had a great doing so.. :)



There is plenty of time to relax, which we did of course, on the camping site. I made a lot of fun with my brother by making pictures of him every time he did a nap...

This one is the greatest, everbody who sees the picture thinks he was drunk or something like that, because of the way he layed down.. But i can asure you, he wasn't, he was just a bit tired :)


There are some great beaches on Texel where you can enjoy yourself very much. Although I am not a big fan of the north sea, it's just different compared to, for example, the Mediterranean sea.

So if you are ever planning to have a holiday in Holland, Texel is a great place to stay !!

Have a great sunny day

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