Re: Climbing Arthur's Seat, 251m - A Sleeping Dragon in Edinburgh

Always love your posts, Mantas :) The way you compose each post, the photographs you included, and how you narrate... they are absolutely gorgeous <3

There's so much personality, and a lot of interesting tidbits that you included that infused the places you have visited with depth and charm. They are not just another travel blog, with a photo dump. You took me to fantasize about sleeping dragons and volcanoes, and though some of the theories weren't 'real' the sense of wonders and amazement ..........was.

Love your work, @ctdots <3 I will continue to support you and your beautiful articles <3


Hi @veryspider,
It is hard to describe how much I appreciate your feedback! Getting where I am now cost me a lot of work, and even more work I'll need to get where I want. People like you keeps me motivated, and since I don't get as much of support from the people surrounding me in real life, your support is much more important to me than it could appear.

From your feedback I start to realise that maybe I'm getting closer to where I want with my writing skills, and that is very important to me. Thank you! and I hope you are having a nice day, as your comments definitely cheered mine!