Cycling to chapel St. Nokolas - Chengene Skele bay

Veselina @vesytzFebruary 2019 · 2 min read

It's always nice when at Sunday the weather is warm and sunny and together with friends we can cycling outside the city.

We planned to have a picnic to Chengene Skele Bay, where there is a small chapel of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.


We left for lunch from Burgas through the Protected Area Poda.

After Kraimorie we drove by the inner road, then we entered a dirt road that runs along the coast.

The view was impressive.

Wild ducks swam peacefully into the sea.

I was going to continue shooting, but my friends were ringing because there were bad dogs on the road and I had to hurry.

We arrived at the chapel that stood impressive on the high rock. The chapel St. Nicholas the Wonderworker is located at the highest place in the village.

It is unique, not only because of the view but because of the fact that the rock is built into it. Its strength and power are part of the beliefs of seafarers. Only truly brave people can enter into a battle for bread with this immense element - the sea.

For the fish-filled boats, the beauty of this place, the proximity to the sea, and the fact that they return to land alive, the fishermen thank St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

Near the chapel there are fireplaces and wooden tables and benches where we have settled.
We set a fire and after a short break I walked through paths that I had not yet passed.

Chengene Skele Fishing Village is a unique settlement with its own appearance and identity built and preserved for the life and work of Marine people.

There are no standard architectural solutions in the village, each building has its own appearance and performance with natural materials, matched with the spatial environment, climatic features, maritime activities.

The sea, the canals, the boats, the houses, the people make this place unique.

When I returned, a small frog jumped on the grass and stood beside the tires. I did not miss to shoot it.

Before we left a friend had a flat tire and had to fix it.

We went right down the sunset, whose beauty I share with you.

Thank you for stopping by!

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It must be pretty cool to live so close to the sea.. I would spend every weekend there :) And you chose the best place for your picnic. It looks like there is a long history and many stories that this building can tell..

This place looks a kind of abandoned to me. Is it because of time of the year? I guess that there would be more people in summer, right? Do you ever have snow there?

This is probably the best actifit report that I've ever seen. Did you write it all on your phone? I would hate typing so much in my phone as I make too many mistakes on that small screen :)

Thank you for sharing and cheers to many more weekends like this one!

Veselina @vesytzFebruary 2019

It is really wonderful to live in this place, so close to the Sea. The area is quiet and empty during the winter, but it is not the case in the summer. Then it is full of People. Rarely snowing in this part of Bulgaria, and when it snowing, the snow does not last long. I also do not like to write long texts on my phone, so when needed and I have the opportunity, I write on my laptop and then I send it to the phone.
Thank you very much for the comment @delishtreats! Greetings from Bulgaria! 🙂

Joel @joelsegoviaFebruary 2019

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This is the best actifit report I have ever seen... It is like a chest full of treasures, I hope someday I may be able to go cycling in a similar spot.

Thanks for sharing those beautiful shots, best regards.

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Veselina @vesytzFebruary 2019

Thank you very much @dropahead @joelsegovia ! I'm so glad you liked my Actifit report and my shots. Best regards!


@vesytz, страхотни снимки!

Veselina @vesytzFebruary 2019

Благодаря @cryptospa 🙂!


Beautiful pictures, I love cycling too👍😀

Veselina @vesytzFebruary 2019

Thank you @practicaleric! I'm glad you also like cycling 🙂