Already accommodated in the apartment we rented and after breakfast we went to know Salamanca in depth, the first site we visited was La Casa de Las Conchas, emblematic place par excellence and with a past wrapped in many controversies, was built among the 1493 and 1517 and is now home to a State Public Library.

Inside there is a patio with a well and an upper floor which is accessed by a stone staircase with figures representing the emblems of the family that commanded it to build, also stand out some very worked and mysterious gargoylas that I loved , and a small story of the railing on the top floor as there are two defined parts, one is like a honeycomb of bees, which according to legend says that the union of the people supporting the nobility was the best way to prosper and lay the foundations of the city , and on the other side are formed some chains, which what they wanted to say was that the nobility was the one that had the power and they were its vassals.

According to popular legend the palace builder put inside one of the Shells some gold coins to attract good luck, and there was a time when the village destroyed varying Shells looking for such coins. The House has on its facade more than 300 Shells, is located right in front of Las Torres de Clerecía and very close is The Cathedral and the University of the oldest in Europe that we also visit.
In the next post I will continue to publish the visit to that wonderful city.