Caerphilly - The Largest Castle in Wales

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Even if you don't know how to pronounce the mysterious name of Caerphilly, it certainly is worth visiting its castle, the largest in Wales, located just a short drive from the capital, Cardiff.

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The castle surrounded by huge green grounds and water defenses is the monument to its 13th century owner's ambitions and strength. It's is said to be one of the largest castles in Great Britain and a very well-preserved Medieval military masterpiece.

On a very windy June day Caerphilly Castle felt somewhat empty, which didn't leave us disappointed since photo opportunities were not interrupted by fellow travelers :D

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Approaching the castle from the wrong side first, we were forced to walk around the green grounds and castle walls to finally reach the castle's actual entrance.

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We would have enjoyed the walk much more and even would have had a picnic on the grass if it wasn't heavily littered with birds' droppings...

...but we can't complain, the little fellas live there...

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Even if you are not interested in history and its monuments, you will appreciate the grandeur of this impressive structure - thick defensive walls and towers, as well as cleverly thought through defensive water canals and dams.

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Younger visitors will enjoy a walk through the castle's numerous narrow passages, winding stairs, defense galleries and a peek through tiny shooting windows.

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And a Welsh dragon emerging from the earth at the entrance will be a cool bonus photo opportunity for everyone, young or more experienced!

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Caerphilly Castle seems like a perfect place to spend a day with the whole family - bring everyone!

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Although the castle seems truly impressive it cannot boast a long and illustrious 'career'.

It was only used at the end of 13th and the start of 14th centuries, after which it slowly started falling into ruin and oblivion.

Sounds like one of those very expensive and, eventually, wasted grand projects to me...

It was only in the 19th-20th centuries that Caerphilly Castle was partially restored, the surrounding canals filled with water again and brought back to its current impressive state.

Today Caerphilly Castle attracts lots of visitors to a small town which otherwise wouldn't be on anyone's 'must-visit' list.

So it seems a 13th-century project wasn't wasted at all - it's helping the 21st-century Welsh person to earn a living :DDD

Travel Wales, enjoy your life!

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