This is about my day out to Barry island. Winter.

Barry Island isn't actually an island but a peninsula and seaside resort. The picture below shows what Barry Island means to everyone that knows it.

I first went there with my grandmother back in the nineteen fifties by bus for a day out, in the summer, and the first thing was get down on the beach and run to the sea and paddle. After a while of that it would be on to the donkeys and then have a cup of tea, after which it would be into the fun fair and have fun.


My favourite fun ride was the crazy railway that went up slow but down really fast.


My trip there this time was in winter and it was cold and windy, but the sun was out and in the shade it was warm, most especially after walking so far taking photos. There's always seagulls by the sea.


Here's an old boat in the harbour and rotted away. It may have been the boat I went to look at 25 years ago meaning to buy, but it wasn't in a good state so I left it.


There's a pirate theme in Barry now so I guess there must have been pirates around at one time.


And where there's pirates there's treasure.


And skeletons of course.


Dogs are allowed in the winter which makes it a dogs paradise.


Changing huts up the other end of the beach where it's a bit more private.


Saw this in the harbour and thought it interesting.


A seat on the knap alone by the sea.


It was a really nice day out by the sea.


Images by me and taken around Barry Island