Hello Steemians (& Travelfeeders?)!

I am not totally new here. I have been steeming since December 2017, under the username @wanderlass. However, I recently found that there is already an established travel blog site under the same name. Her sister contacted me via Youtube to tell me that I am not wanderlass (okay ^_^).

Upon research, this blogger uses the same name in all her social media accounts where she has a huge following. Although the name wanderlass is not trademarked upon checking (and hello, it’s a commonly used term now!), I do not want to be in conflict in terms of branding or name in the future. I also want to establish myself under my own name.

I do not know if I will still continue using @wanderlass account for non-travel posts because maintaining one Steem account entails a lot of hours already. And if I do continue using it, it will just be for non-travel content so this should not be in conflict with the wanderlass travel blog. I have also put it a lot of time and effort to establish this previous account so it would be sad if I leave it entirely. What do you think?

In any case, this will be my main Steem/ Travelfeed account going forward.

Why Wanderein?

Me, afraid of heights but still climbing mountains!

My personal blog goes by the name wanderein and so are my other social media accounts. These are more recent than my Steem account so I never really thought to use this name when I first joined Steem. Also, I explained the reason why I previously chose the name @wanderlass in this old Steemit name challenge and has nothing to do with the mentioned travel blogger.

My real nickname is Raine and it can also be spelled as Rein. I also love traveling. In fact, I have just recently quit my job to travel the world (while working and volunteering to sustain it). Hence,

 travel + me =

New Life, New Name

It was an easier decision for me to create a new account because I have just started a new chapter in my life. I have mentioned this in my previous post that I will start my life as a Digital Nomad in Bangkok for the Steemfest.

I used to work as a Human Resources professional for an Australian financial company. I have also recently finished my MSc in Industrial/ Organizational Psychology. I do not yet know what life has to offer me after this but I’m excited on how this will unfold.

Quitting my 9 to 5 is the bravest thing I have ever done because it has always been the source of my stability. However, this stability comes with limitations on what I can become. I feel more excited now about life that I’m free to explore the world outside the four corners of the office. I am not saying that office work isn’t good (I had a really fulfilling career), however, this no longer resonates with me, at least in this period of my life. It's a long story but I will just put it that way. I might share more about what let me to that decision in the future.

For now, I will trust the unknown as Dr. Joe Dispenza would put it.

Sorry, not prepared for my verification photo so have to hide for now lol

Signing up with Travelfeed.io

I would also like to share my first-hand experience of Travelfeed.io's EasySignUp. Although I am not new to Steem, I chose an easier life by selecting their most popular option which is to sign up through TravelFeed EasyLogin.

screenshot from Travelfeed.io sign up process

And it was indeed easy enough for someone who has no background in Steem or cryptocurrency to understand. The whole process was well-guided through the steps outlines above, plus the emails they send in certain parts of the process where helpful.

The complicated part for a newbie to encounter, which are the keys, were well defined. They also provided recommendation on how these should be stored. I think the progression from the common password to the geeky keys was a good introduction to the crypto world.

I recall my first time signing up for Steem, I was fairly new to this concept, so it was really overwhelming. I had to cross research to double check whether what I was doing was correct. And then you create your first post, and it was even more confusing for a non-tech person like me having to deal with Markdown.

What I like the most is that it requires the user to create an introduction post aka introduceyourself post. While it would look like extra work for a beginner, I felt already invested and excited in this platform that I am signing up for. It also gives the user an overview on the ease of use of Travelfeed simple editor which would encourage one to further use it. It is soooo simple that anyone, even those with no experience in blogging, would be able to use intuitively.

I have a lot to rave about Travelfeed.io but that's it for an introduction and sign up post for now. I highly recommend this to our newcomers who are into travel blogging.

Lastly, shout out to the @travelfeed team for this excellent work!