First of all, I am not an artistic person but I am an analytical person. I wanna say that first before you judge the ugly images you will see shortly.

Despite that I took on the challenge of handling social media for TravelFeed until yesterday because I realized I cannot do it. I just have no talent for it.

But to give credit to myself, TravelFeed's Instagram grew from 55 to 108 followers. :)

Even though TF does not have content for IG, I TRIED to be creative and did a series on SEO tips.

I already deleted these from TF's profile because it looks horrible and I don't want these to represent TF. The team is so professional and talented but I was given a chance to be one which I am not.

I am posting them here because these are my creations using Canva and this is MY blog anyway. I am not creative yet I tried. It does not represent TravelFeed and I want to clarify that.

I was happy because these shitty images earned some follows and likes. Maybe people learned something about SEO despite the lack of aesthetics.

On Valentine's I tried to be funny because people like funny and I thought why not be playful even in a professional site.

I tried even if it sucks
I tried even if it sucks

I also tried to learn about how to grow on IG by reading blogs and watching vlogs of influencers. I learned about presets but we don't have that so I went with creating a pattern.

Remember when TravelFeed had a weekly newsletter? I used the green images every 4 images so it creates diagonal green lines. However, the green cover images where on landscape so I sacrificed IG's square aesthetics.

I was running out of ideas so I used images from existing TF post which were all landscape. I am not a moron and I know IG wants square images but I could not recreate better contest announcement in square dimensions.

So there, I apologize for making TravelFeed look so unprofessional on Instagram. I have put in work despite the results. I am no longer managing and I have deleted these unprofessional images that I took time to create. So please so please follow TravelFeed, I promise you it will be a lot better than what I did


I tried since November last year but I am a hopeless case. I made TravelFeed look unprofessional.

I guess I should go back to my previous job in HR where I was regarded as professional.

I am useless now. All I can get is an English teaching job that pays me low because of my race. I tried to write but I can't and I've been having writer's block. I could not vlog because I am ugly and I am losing my hair now due to alopecia.

I have no place in this content creation world. I give up.

Criticize in PRIVATE, praise in public