What's up, blogosphere? It's been 2 months since my last blog. I have been busy at work and I was also exploring vlogging. Video editing can be time consuming but so fun! I still don't want to stop where I started – blogging.

I already uploaded a simple travel video of this Snowy Mountain trip previously which I will link below. But I still feel the need to share the story through writing. My photos are also better than my videos so that's one reason why you should still check this out ;)

I took this trip to Perisher Snowy Mountains in July 2018 which was winter in Australia. This wasn't planned as all of my Australia travel wasn't! I was only given a week notice by my employer to lodge a visa for this business trip lol. My Filipino colleagues in Sydney had already planned for this trip and I was thankful to be dragged into it.

Bus Day Tour to Perisher

No one of us owns a car so I guess that's the reason why they decided a bus tour from Sydney. The travel time going to Perisher was 5 hours, while going back took us 7 hours. We left the city before midnight so it was faster. So this means we only stayed in Perisher for half a day! Bummer.

This was our best choice for a big group and we were all working on weekdays. Since we were all from a hot tropical country, half a day playing in snow was worth the travel time.


We stopped over at a rental place. I rented a jacket, pants and boots – basically my entire outfit. I actually got a bundle which saves me money and includes the toboggan. That costs me a little over AUD 40. Quite expensive but coming from a humid country, I don't own clothing suitable for snow.

Renting ski, snowboard and other advanced equipment would cost about AUD 100, and you have to pay another AUD 150 for the ski lift. I wanted to learn to ski but this wasn't worth it for half a day.

The Fun Part

We took a short train ride to the snowy mountain. The train ticket was included in the tour (I'll reveal the price later). This was before sunrise and I wasn't able to really sleep on the bus but the train ride got me excited. From here, we can already see some snow covering the cars. It was still dark when we arrived.

There's a food court at the resort and a meat pie would cost AUD 8 and other meals at least AUD 15. I like the beef steak meat pie I had. I still can't believe that this was the only meat pie I had in my one month stay in Australia! (Why?! I still ask myself).

Okay, enough eating we're here to play in the snow.

This was my first time to try the toboggan. My first try was a “train toboggan” (I just made that word up). My colleagues and I connected our toboggans and there were 2 people in one toboggan. We had to make sure we hold on to that person in front of us tightly, or else you destroy the train. It was crazy fun! I don't have the photo though so I'll leave that to your imagination ;)

But that train ride was a bit difficult to set up so we just settled on solo or a couple ride. It wasn't too steep but enough for a fun ride.

And here are more snowy photos. Enjoy!


So was the bus tour a Yay or Nay?

Sadly, I say a Nay. I paid AUD 100 (exclusive of food and outfit rental) which was too expensive and we only stayed there for 8 hours. While it is very convenient, bus tours were never my thing especially with the restricted time given to you at one place.

This is not to discourage anyone in taking bus tours. There are some cases bus tours are your best option but not for a place where you would want to spend more time because of activities that you'd like to try. In the case of Perisher, it would have been better if we had a car or if we stayed at least one night (I was dependent on a group who can't). Nonetheless, it's a Yay for the Perisher Snowy Mountain.

Before you go, can you answer this riddle?

Here's also a simple video of this trip:

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