Bashang refers to the northern part of Beijing and the southernmost part of the Inner Mongolia plateau, including zhangbei, shangyi, kangbao and guyuan counties in zhangjiakou bashang, and fengning and weidang counties in chengde bashang, with a total area of more than 200,000 square kilometers.


Bashang grassland is located at the southeastern end of the Inner Mongolia plateau, at the southern foot of the greater hinggan mountains. Bashang grassland is an important part of the Inner Mongolia plateau.From west to east, it is mainly distributed in the east of zhangbei county,

zhangjiakou city, hebei province, north of bailiang town, huangqi town, fengning county, hebei province, north of bailiang town, mechanical forest farm, the northernmost part of weichang county, hebei province, crossing the boundary river and entering the wulanbutong grassland in Inner Mongolia.All belong to bashang grassland.
As for the tourism region, it is mainly divided into weidangba (mulan weidang),

fengning dam, zhangbei dam and guyuan dam, which is an important part of the Inner Mongolia plateau.The average altitude of this area is about 1500 meters, no summer heat, comfortable and pleasant, gentle terrain, mostly hilly grassland, a total area of about 350 square kilometers, is an ideal green health tourism and leisure resort.

The main terrain
Especially refers to the zone formed by the abrupt elevation of grassland and the meadow grassland formed by the reason of climate and vegetation.Now refers to zhangjiakou 100 km north to chengde 100 km north, collectively known as the bashang area.In terms of tourist areas, it is mainly divided into fengning dam, paddock dam, zhangbei/kangbao dam and guyuan dam.Bashang grassland,

with a total area of about 350 square kilometers, is part of Inner Mongolia grassland.Especially close to Inner Mongolia's kangbao grassland most Inner Mongolia grassland style.The average elevation is 1,486 meters, with the highest elevation of about 2,400 meters;Luan river, the birthplace of the chaohe river.Place oneself in the grass clear cloud light, the boundless green field of flowers everywhere, seem to have "the sky pressure falls, the cloud wants to brush shoulder" feeling.The average temperature in the tourist season is 17.4℃, making it an ideal green and healthy tourist and leisure resort.

The terrain to the mountains, terraces in the majority.There are many larch trees on the mountain. It is recommended to go in autumn.Although it was cold, the scenery was beautiful.It's fun to go back and dig for your own food.
Where the north China plain meets the Inner Mongolia plateau, the dam rises steeply in a stairway,

Hence the name "dam on".The average altitude is between 1500 and 2100 meters above sea level, and the latitude is between 41 and 42 degrees.The annual average temperature is about 1.4-5 degrees, which starts from zhangbei county and shangyi county of zhangjiakou city in the west, takes guyuan county and fengning county in the middle, and reaches weichang county of chengde city in the east.The dam has the most beautiful scenery;Summer, here the sky blue to drop, green grass such as cui, yun hua qingxiu, wild fang qiongxiang;Golden autumn season, red, fruit fragrance;Winter, white snow, yushu qionghua, here like a beautiful poem, a beautiful painting.

The landform on the dam is ridge and plain, high in the southeast and low in the northwest.The rivers are dense and the waters are rich.The grassland on the dam is plateau grassland, between 1200 m and 1400 m above sea level. There are many passes and peaks along the dam, the highest being over 2500 m above sea level.Climate: continental monsoon climate.Cold, windy and dry are the most obvious features of the dam.The average annual temperature on the dam is 1-2 degrees Celsius, the frost-free period is 90-120 days, and the annual precipitation is about 400 mm.

Bashang grassland is a typical arid grassland, known locally as caotan.Grassland arid grass in the majority, grass layer height of 15-40 cm.Such grasslands make up the majority of bashang grasslands.Meadow grassland is the best kind of grassland, the main plant for perennial herbaceous plants, about 30 to 60 cm high, there are a variety of wild flowers blooming in the meantime.This kind of grassland is common in most areas of paddock and part of dafan in fengning.