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Nabua Church

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If you would be coming from Ocampo deer farm, it would take you around 50 minutes to get to the church. We didn't take this route as we had to go back home in the coastal village and went to the church the next day.

Located in the center of the town of Nabua Camarines Sur. It is one of the popular sites to visit. At the entrance, the Latin words "Porta Sancta" made from stainless steel are attached to the gateway. Words that mean Holy Door which I have not seen in the previous churches that we have visited. The gateway could have been consecrated but I couldn't discover any story behind it.


An angel in the center of the gate greets the visitors. It is a usual sight at church entrances and also seen inside churches holding the holy water font.

On the left is the statue of Saint Peter holding the Gospel and the key to Heaven.

In the right side is a statue of Saint Paul. Carrying a sword as a symbol of his martyrdom when he was beheaded. The scroll represents his teachings of the Gospel.

At the metal, gates is a depiction of Jesus in embrace with someone. A comforting sight which shows love and compassion.

The parking lot is full and I figured there might be an event being held today. I was a bit disapointed because I won't be able to roam around the church. There are only a few times I was able to visit a church with no one around.

Nabua church is also known by other names which includes Holy Cross Parish and Vicariate of the Holy Cross. This is one of the oldest church in the region and it is said that it is 400 years old.

The church has gone through a lot of transformations throughout the centuries. Transformations due to typhoons and earthquakes. Natural disasters change the architecture and stronger materials are used which made them survive until today.

The bell tower is often damaged during earthquakes and this tower is the second reincarnation.

Above the church, entrance is an insignia of two lions and two towers. I could not determine the meaning of the symbol but for sure it is of Spanish origin.

A brief history by the Philippine historical committee and can often be seen in historical sites.

When I was about to enter there was a wedding being held as I predicted earlier. No chance to get closer to get clear shots. I cases like these I just try to shoot what I can without disrupting the ceremony.

From the entrance on the right is the depiction of the body of Christ encased in glass.

I am not quite sure but this stone basin is probably used during baptism.

Some of you might know that my favorite part churches are the painted glass windows. I was told that this church has gorgeous artworks in their painted glass.

The place is filled with visitors and often I pretend to be part of the photography crew to get a good shot if needed. No one seems to mind and sometimes they even give out a pose or a smile.

Since I couldn't approach the front to examine the retablo. Zoom lens comes in very handy although I couldn't examine closer the decorations on the retablo. Some are elaborately engraved with vines and flowers which is very interesting.

A Patriarchal cross is in the center of the retablo which is a variant of the cross that we normally see. This symbol dates back during the Byzantine empire and is also part of the coat of arms of Hungary. Its connection with Spain is probably because Spain was part of the Byzantine empire during the Middle Ages.

Normally you would see depictions of the stations of the cross in painted glass windows. Here I have noticed that the depictions are of local origin.

Here it shows scenes that include the introduction of Christianity to the natives. The painted glass on the left clearly shows that this happened in the region as you could see the popular Mayon Volcano in the background.

With Spanish galleons and soldiers on the shore, a priest directs the natives as a cross is being planted.

Fleeing away from an erupting Mayon Volcano, the natives carry a statue of the Virgin Mary cradling the body of Jesus. They are carried on bamboo poles away from the destruction in the background.

Outside on the left side of the church is a shrine of the Virgin Mary. In most Philippine homes these shrines can be found often in Catholic households.

A statue of Nuestra Senora Angustia can be found on the front corner of the church. It is said that an apparition of Angustia appeared that saved the town from an earthquake and a great flood. The earthquake that occurred created the crater of Mayon Volcano.

Weddings are made special when held in 400-year-old churches. It would not be complete without a vintage vehicle to drive the newlywed away.

A horse-drawn carriage would be magical for a storybook-like wedding experience but a vintage vehicle is the next best thing.

This ends our tour for today and I hope you enjoyed our short stroll in this church. How would you like to have your wedding or vows renewed in such a beautiful church? Would you prefer a horse-drawn carriage or a vintage car? Let me know what you think and if you love church architecture I would love to hear from you.

Until then hope to see you again on the next part of our adventure. Have a magical #beautifulsunday.


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Pariarchal cross


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