Our last visit to Malaysia, we did a city hopping. We had not so many days in each city so we tried to make the most out of it. In Johor Bahru, the city I thought was going to be as expensive as Singapore as they're super duper close to each other. No, not at all. Johor Bahru is such an inexpensive city. That epic authentic Malaysian meal for just $8. Then the same day in the evening, we ended up at this hipster place, Hookah District JB, Johor Bahru, selling hookah for just not even $3. Say 'Whattt??!'

Hookah District JB, Johor Bahru

We were told by some locals to go visit Bazaar Karat, the local night market in Johor Bahru. It's our unique style going places without checking time nor weather. The bazaar was not open yet at the time we arrived so we had a chance to wander around the area and most likely find something to do to kill time.

While strolling around, we just came across this huge spot and it looked so cool. Hip hip, chic chic whatever you'd like to call it. Without knowing what it was, we said 'Let's chill there!'. I was actually hoping it to be a draught beer or a brewery or a chill spot for drinking..

We couldn't really read the blue sign due to the font but we figured out, it's like a street food / food truck (with no truck) market. There are seats and table for you to have some food and at the same time, ordering some hookah to smoke a puff or two.. or so..

Food at Hookah District JB

There were shops all around and not many were opened. A few of them were snacks and one of them is drink shop. We somehow went for this thing called 'Chicken Chop' (5RM). A little bit confused at first but you know, it's like pork chop but with chicken instead of pork..

Chicken Chop - the quintessential Malaysian-Western dish

Some randomly said that so yes, I think it's a thing. It is! Malaysian kind of thing!

Followed with some juices. I acutally asked for beer a few times. No one really told me the reason why the place didn't want to serve us beer so I kept bugging. Once I know the reason, I stopped

We're muslim. We can't drink alcohol..'

Homemade Hookah

At Hookah District JB, Johor Bahru It's already so obvious how it's called so we got one ourself. Believe it or not, hookah costed 10RM ($2.39) there! We were so surprised and at the same time agreed with each other right away 'Let's do this!'

We went to the one and only Hookah shop around to pick what flavours would we want. Many items to choose from but we're convinced by the one the guy said 'These are homemade'. Everything with the word homemade just can't go wrong, we order the mixture of what the guys suggested. Apple and mint Hookah Flavours. The station for preparing was just right there so we could see every process from flavour mixing, packing it into the bowl, light it up and all.

The apple and mint were sweet and cool

We're spending hours eating, chit chatting, drinking (No alcohol you noooo) and yes, smoking. The flavour was nice. That one bowl with 2 times charcoals changing within these few hours, we couldn't finish it! I sometimes got light headed and a bit tipsy by just inhale it like it's a jingaBONG. We're not supposed to inhale it so deep but I just couldn't help it. Even the big one like Kevin also get kind of 'High', like, effect.

It seems like such a cool hangout. The hip decoration and all this fun stuffs they have. I love the bathroom entrance even though, as a customer you still need to pay to use the bathroom!!? Anyways, nice king and queen guarding the urinal zone.

The place also provide so many seats. I was hoping it would be much lively and full with people. Not sure if it's because of the weather but there're probably not even half of the place full. If I lived there, this would totally be one of my hangout and I would visit every so often. The chicken shop was good and other snacks looked great. They also serve main dishes. I saw some Thai dishes on the menu. Downfall is just, they don't seve alcoholic drink. How are we supposed to get that real fun tipsy vibes?

Anyways, I really liked Hookah District JB, Johor Bahru. Cool place to come hang out with friends.. Eat, drink, smoke.. It's just right around the corner from the Bazaar Karat. I found that place pretty boring though.. There were just clothes and some other normal random local stuffs sold.

Oh! We found this sweet weird drink at the bazaar!

Hookah District JB
Address : Lebuhraya Sultan Iskandar, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Hours : Everyday 7PM–2:30AM
Official Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/hookahdistrictjb/

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