Peranakan cuisine or Nyonya cuisine

We found a really good place to fix your Nyonya Cuisine crave. Poh Piah Lwee Melaka!

While traveling in Malaysia, we were doing some research about food and started to see so much of something called Peranakan cuisine / Nyonya cuisine.. We kinda itched our head and found out later, types of food invented by certain nation of people called Peranakans or Nyonyas.

Nyonyas or Peranakans cuisine are the mixture between Chinese and Malaysian food

Talking long like, wikipedia style : Peranakan cuisine or Nyonya cuisine comes from the Peranakans, descendants of early Chinese migrants who settled in Penang, Malacca, Singapore and Indonesia, inter-marrying with local Malays. In Baba Malay, a female Peranakan is known as a nonya, and a male Peranakan is known as a baba.

Poh Piah Lwee Melaka

When we were in Malacca, we found out about this place by walking past it. Customers are both locals and tourists. In front of the shop has such a big nice Malaysian flag like it's trying to say 'Proud to be Malaysian'. Also, it's more like a family business / homemade restaurant. Nothing fancy but seems truly local. Totally my cup of tea so hey, not even a minute of hesitation.

Lovely, how they daddy, mommy and the son have such a great team work. The son was cooking in front, mom walked around serving, preparing some dishes and dad sat in the back of the house cutting some veggies.



As mentioned and shown, it's really a family business and seems like all the food is house made. One of the coolest thing of dining here is, you can really sneak a peak of all the cooking process. You just need to walk fast, they're like flying in the house to the soup station, poh piah rolling station, Bajang cutting station, just to name a few.

No need a word. Just right after they got the orders, 3 people just headed their own directions and do their things.

We order quite a lot of food. Almost all the menu items Poh Piah Lwee Melaka has as they don't get that many. Watching all the cooking was so fun and enjoyable. Especially, the Poh Piah. I'd never really been so curious what's in the roll, then I found out when they're making it just right there in front of the shop.






Nyonya Cuisine in Maleka at Poh Piah Lwee Melaka

These are not all 100% Nyonya Cuisine. Some are straight Chinese and some are Nyonya. If the owner hadn't told me about it, to be honest with you here, I probably haven't had any clue. They're all just look so deliciously beautiful. Nyonya bachang or Nyonya Bak Chang, Poh Piah, Rojak and Laksa. Spoiler aleart! I love them all!


Nyonya bachang or Nyonya Bak Chang

This is actually one of the main reason we're here for. We were hunting those beautiful dumpling that got nice blue color to it. I'm used to Bak Chang but never before seen or had it so blue.

Bak Chang is a traditional Chinese rice dish made of glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in bamboo leaves

I actually didn't expect it to be so sweet. Inside is a shredded pork that I swear, it got quite a lot of sugar in it. Pretty good though! I love it. Go so well with the sticky rice on the outer layer. Hey, it's blue! Sooooo Butterfly Pea Blue.



Poh Piah at Poh Piah Lwee Melaka

Look at the shop name and I can tell you for sure one thing, there's no way I didn't order the menu item called 'Poh Piah'. That's the one I enjoy wathing the cooking process the most. It's always a mysterious thing what's in the roll.. Now I see, the secret's revealed!

Poh Piah is a fresh spring rolls stuffed with all the filling you could imagine. From savoury to sweet. A few types of veggies combined with some meat, sauces and even pork fat! Whatttt???!

I have had quite a lot of Poh Piah in my life. Never really like it that much but hey, this place change my perspective of this flavourful fresh spring rolls! Must try!!!




Oh my, this is actually one of the loves of my life. I knew rojak when I was in Malaysia first time. Penang, there I met this weird and almost ew looking.. but hey, once you get to know him / her, I'm sure you will just be in love head over heals. It's so fruity and veggie. Sweet and sour then nicely contrast with the taste of the tangy salty black sauce they put on top.

Rojak or Rujak is a traditional fruit and vegetable salad with a unique type of its own salad dressing that contains shrimp paste

Poh Piah Lwee Melaka also beats it! Fresh fruits and veggies cut just right before serving. The sauce is pretty intense just like the way we love it.



This is also another truly Nyonya Cuisine. The famous Laksa I love, like, so much. This was probably the most eaten dish of my last trip to Singapore and Malaysia.

I love laksa so much

Well, if you're not familiar with it, here's the one I call 'The best Laksa #ever'. Learn more about it and let's just fall in love together.

Here at Poh Piah Lwee Melaka made it super duper tasteful. It's just that, after I tried it with that certain type of thick rice noodle, others just couldn't beat it. Don't get me wrong, they make it sooooo great and I would totally order it again if I re-visit in the future. Yes, I will.


Poh Piah Lwee Melaka was totally one of the most epic meals in Malacca or even out of the whole trip! I love all the food, like, literally. Also, the fact that the food is all housemade and the restaurant is family run. It's just difficult not to like it so much.

Please go eat there!!!

Poh Piah Lwee Melaka
14, Jalan Kubu, 75300 Melaka, Malaysia
+60 6-282 7175

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