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Forget all about the fancy thin-wallet-after-dining Buffets Las Vegas' casinos love to offer. Let's stroll off the Main strip and try American creatively fatty fast food Fries N' Pies

Wait.. what? No, you won't find this easily elsewhere!

Our first day in Las Vegas, even we arrived quite late, we didn't just enjoy just the Classic White Castle, The country's first fast food chain but more! There's more fattiness added on a bit later that night! Fries N' Pies! Spoiler Alert!!! The Asian actually thinks pies mean 'Pies'. That sounds about right :/

Thanks to the Classic White Castle on Paradise Street that's located just so close to the place we stayed at (Seems like the most affordable one close to the Las Vegas Strip). Then, thanks to MedMen located just a minute walk away from White Castle so we went in and checked it out...Quite a fancy Legal Medical marijuana store! They have that everywhere in Las Vegas seems like. The place we stayed at and the 2 shops above, that's how we found out about this epic pizza place!

Fries N' Pies

My endless fast food journey in the USA. Sliders, fries and loaded fries. Then poutines, and add a bit of pies to the day, what a good life I got.

Anyways, we stopped by there just right before bed around midnight, roughly. Tired and exhausted after the Vegas walk and the travel since the morning from California. Though, the place was quite unique that I had to forget a the tiring day and ran back to the crib just to get the camera to film/document all this. Whatttt?, it's gotta be that good!

The Unique Pizza and fries topping at Fries N' Pies

It could get really weird...

It's all about creativity and yes, deliciousness too! The menu seems simple but nah, not really. You have your choices of Salad, Poutine*, and pizza. Then you have choices of Fries N Pies weirdly and creatively delicious topping.

****Poutine is 'A Canadian way of saying Loaded fries?'*** you ask. Let's find out!

๐ŸŸ Fries N' Pies' Fries ($8/single)

Poutine was created in Quebec in the 1950's. Over the years, chefs from all over Canada have experimented with poutine by adding different meats and gravies, in addition to combinations that have included lobster and even foie gras. #whoa!

Fries N Pies reinvented poutine,by going against the fast-casual standard of a frozen bagged fry with their fresh cut homemade fries. They also offer sweet potato fries and roasted cauliflower to build the pile of poutine on.

Next, by going unconventional with the toppings. They're way outside the box with creative combinations...The Cuban sandwich poutine, biscuits and gravy poutine and much more... Cray cray huh?

Also, we have never really heard of the duck-fat fries. They offer that here! What the #$%^& ! We got our poutine at Fries N' Pies' with PHILLY CHEESESTEAK

Beef gravy, chedder, steak, grilled onions, mushrooms, peppers, mozzarella and creamy cheese sauce all these dumped right on the fresh cut homemade fries hmmm!

Yessss!!! Que loco! I Know and We loved it too! It was so intensively flavourful and packed with calories. Talking about that, you gotta come join us on our most caloristic meal in Las Vegas... I got spanked #oops!

๐Ÿ• Fries N' Pies' Pies ($14/Single)

Flatbread and Pizza existence has been around since the 1600's and the pizza goodness spread to every corner of the world. Same here in Las Vegas and this one, Fries N' Pies, does it quite uniquely and creatively. From a Crawfish Etoufee pizza to Eggs Benedict Pizza, surprise surprise! Some thing you would not expect to see on a pizza really!

Also, they use Masonry oven aka brick oven which gives it a bit (a lot!) better and crispier crust. I love its charcoal aroma! <3

Oh wait, forgot to mention the simple yet delicious topping we chose 'Hawaiian'. Every Pizza place offer Hawaiian pizza most likely but Fries N' Pies'did it a bit differently and hey, it hit the spot for sure!

Habanero cream cheese, cheddar, Mozzarella, pulled pork, bacon, and that sweet juicy pieces I love, Piรฑa!!

Hawaiian is always good no matter what. The pineapple and ham go together just real well. Fries N' Pies is killing it with their pulled pork, bacon and dudeeeee! The habanero cream cheese brings in just the right amount of spicyness.

Not meaning to exaggerate things but I think this is one of the most super duper delicious Hawaiian Pizza thus far.

Love it, love it! Next time in Las Vegas, I sure will hit this place up once more.. and more.

This Fries N' Pies is quite close to where we stayed. A quite affordable hotel 10 mins walk to the Las Vegas strip but honestly, The city has this weird tax they collect from hotel guests per room per day around $28-$50 besides paying for the room itself so watch out!

Airbnb seems like the way to go if you're traveling on a budget. If it's your first time using Airbnb so, $55 travel credit for both of us!

Fries N' Pies, Las Vegas
Located in: Harmon Square
Address: 4503 Paradise Rd #350, Las Vegas, NV 89169, United States
Official site:

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