Hidden swimmable pure nature by Hells Gate, California

It's hot out in California and people could go crazy in this weather! Well, not sure about others but I was really going crazayyyy! That's why I needed something to cool me down a bit..

Unlike In thailand, Northern California has dry heat, you dont even notice that your sweat is evaporating off your body - @trinityandgrow -

Nature retreat

'California Dreamin' That's what they say.. Couldn't agree more as the State got a lot to offer.. Cities, towns, nature and literally everything and anything.. River too!

Hells Gate

This week, a couple of friends (Including Baby Jesse! Yes, he's my cutest little friend I got!) and I have been haning out in Northern California and to be exact, around 'Hells Gate National Park'. Though, the river we went to is a bit below that.


Hidden river?

When I use the word 'hidden', I really mean it. This river is pretty close by Hells Gate National Park but not exactly the same spot or in the park. It's somewhere a bit down the road and has NO SIGN or nothing.

Oh! Should be a few cars park there everyday. Quite a few locals go swim there. That's a sign, that's a sign!!


From the parking spot, we had to walk down a bit. (Walking down is ok. Walking up not really T^T) Some parts were pretty slippery. 5 mins walk with my super careful steps LOL

Let's dive in!

The water was so clear and to be honest, a person from Thailand like me, I couldn't really dive in like others. I slowly adjusted myself little by little trying to be in the water but it's just TOO COLD for me! Even though the water was actually around 25 degree celsius more or less, I suppose.


That's Winston! He swam to stand on the rock in the middle of the river, looked back to us and said nothing..



These were Siri and Marley.


These were us! Almost all of us but where's Siri!!? Bad dog..

Yesterday when we went, including our group, I think there's probably 10 people around so it's pretty peaceful and quiet.

If you one day pass by / visit Northern California, it's so so beautiful around here and the nature is still REAL nature. Totally, check it out!

Smoke the nature in California

A video I created a few weeks back right here in California. According to @chefsteve, the Steemian nature lover I know on the platform, This video is relaxing. It's short & sweet and it needs your attention! :)

My origial videos are at DTube and DLive

Lots of lots of love,
Mo ❤


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