Question : 'Why do they sell this refrigerated cosmetics in a food store?' 🇯🇵🇯🇵

WAY BEYOND PAD THAI @waybeyondpadthaiFebruary 2019 · 4 min read


The layover in Japan has been so enjoyable !!

This is not my first time here in Japan and to be exact, not my first time here in Osaka. I have been here 2 years ago and I totally loved it. I don't remember much how cute, unique, rushy and polite their culture is until today. Since I chose to go for a lower price ticket, the layover's involved.

Wait, layover doesn't have to be so bad every time.

I don't like the layover in Oman, not at all. The Singapore one was alright. The Incheon airport was super duper! A lot more but let's just move on! Now here, in Osaka, Japan..

Not so sure if I would like to tell you the exact number how many I have been waiting. I don't really want to give you a heart attack haaa lol

Japanese Cute & Weird confections

Since I got quite a few (many) hours. I have been walking around the wait area which has a lot of shops and a few cafes and restaurants. Clothes, bags, perfumes, cosmetics, liquors, cigarettes, you name it. I passed all on those and went straight to the Japanese style cute confectionery.

Guedetama, the lazy egg.

Let's start with this little yellow lazy egg. My favourite character of all time. I wanna meet the creator of this one and treat him a boba tea or something. So cute, so lazy and now it's stamped on cookies!


Doraemon and the magic door

Not sure about other countries in the world but in Thailand and surely many other countries in Asia know this chubby kitty so well, 'Doraemon'! The magic cat from the future that came with the magic door. The door could take you anywhere you imagine! That's why we so love him!



Fruity KitKats

You know KitKats. Everyone does. I have been seeing this brands since I was a kid but just that bland red one forever. Japan changes the whole games with all the grape, peach, green tea, melon, strawberry and the lists go on. To be honest with you here though, I think the original one is my fav and always will be :D


Other fruity desserts that look cute

I haven't tried all of them but I have been looking and it's been enjoyable looking at them. Dang! I should have taken more photos. Well, at least you have an idea.


Royce Chocolate

Once in Japan, you just couldn't ignore this brand if you love chocolate. I have been eating this for many years because every time my family members travel to Japan, they bring back at least a few boxes of these fresh Nama chocolate. 'Wait, what chocolate?'

Super duper smooth (as silk) yum! <3

A fine, delicate pairing of select chocolate, fresh cream with a hint of prestigious liquors, Nama Chocolate is a velvety smooth 'fresh' ganache chocolate, containing at least double the amount of cream usually found in conventional chocolates. With fresh cream and liquor accounting for almost a quarter of combined ingredients, the extremely high moisture content level gives Nama Chocolate its distinctively silky palate and smooth texture, allowing it to melt slowly on your tongue. - Royce -

I bought a box this time since it can't survive without being in a fridge for more than 3-4 hours (because of the fresh cream contained).



Weird seafood snacks

I mean, I'm from Thailand and we have so many types of seafood snacks that foreigners would be like.. 'Whattt?'. Now here in Japan, they have something that make me exclaim the same thing.

Let's start with this baked scallop ready to eat.. I don't think I have seen this before.



Now this small pinky tube that I first thought, 'Why do they sell this refrigerated cosmetics in a food store?'. Then after walking a bit closer.. Oh! It's shrimp roes paste in a tube ready to put on rice and eat! This is pretty shocking. I so wanted to get this but again, refrigeration needed.


Oh my, it's boarding time!!!!!! See you in a Japan airline review vlog or USA Steemit meet-up blog post. One or the other or not at all. Bye now! <3

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All copy and photos are original content by me.




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@waybeyondpadthai wonderful to have an active steemian like you ! Being adventurous and trying out new dApps on the Steem blockchain and posting your experience with it.
You deserve an upvote ! Do continue to be active on Steem space, steem on !

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Hey you! <3
I've been away for a while now god!!
had to move to Iran for a while to visit parents and recover for a bit! :)
now I'm back to steemit hopefully for good haha!
I see you've been still going around and keeping the steemit going!
much respect and love for you girl! :* <3


Haha welcome back and thanks for still remembering me :) how's Iran???


of course haha!
it's been cold but now it's starting to get warmer as we get closer to spring :)
I haven't been here for 5 years! a lot has changed hehe :)
I'm happy to be back :)


Sometimes they really overdo the packaging but It does keep the product more hygienic.


Hahaha open the box, open the bags then open that little bags to eat the thing that wrapped with another layer of plastic


They are really very attractive in they way they package them

Rehan @rehan12February 2019

Yeah the title was indeed the clickbait lmao

Have a nice time !!


Lol thanks!


I don't know if it is true but my Thai friends insist that at least perfume must be refrigerated


I don't think that's a 'need to do' 😶 That right there was shrimp roes tho :-D


Hi! In Czech republic we don’t know Doraemon... ;)


Hahaha I wouldn't doubt it 😁


ช็อคโกแลต Royce อร่อยมากกกกกกกกกกกกกกก ผ่านญี่ปุ่นเมื่อไหร่ต้องซื้อๆๆ...ขอบคุณนะจ๊ะสำหรับช็อคโกแลต


4 ชม. นะพี่แนตตตต 555


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Culture is life, experience is awesome, I respect travelers because they have a lot to disclose.

I love those Fruity KitKats!

Thanks @waybeyondpadthai for sharing with us your travel experiences.


Glad you like! The regular KitKat is better btw :-D