How does seafood right on the sea sound to you?

Sala Sukjai Restaurant (ร้านอาหารศาลาสุขใจ)

Sala (ศาลา) means Pavilion
Sukjai (สุขใจ) means happy

This place, a seafood restaurant located on the sea. Very close to Bangkok but not exactly in Bangkok. Samut Prakan, to be exact. ' Bangpu reacreation doesn't have just the beautiful sunset with load tons of seagulls flying around ( super cool, check it out! ) but they have one restaurant at the end of the only pier called 'Sala sukjai (ศาลาสุขใจ)'.

An open air restaurant where you get a pretty view of the ocean and maybe the wild animals to see at times. Like, this time we went in the evening and that one crane was already there hanging out.

Seafood at Bangpu

Bangpu is a district located in Samut Prakan Province off the coast. No doubt the seafood would be just so fresh and good. We, of course, went for a big meal while visiting Bangpu reacreation. Let's eat some seafood! !

I will probably write down starting from my most favourite to the least. Once, again, they were all fresh and good! It's just my personal preference here. Here's how we Thais eat seafood!

Scalded cockles (หอยแครงลวก)

This is totally one of my favourite type of seafood. Sometimes, we grill them and another time we scald. They are usually not fully cooked and eaten with Thai style seafood sauce (Garlic, lime juice, chilli, fish sauce). I love them bloody!!

Egg squid with spicy chilli and lime sauce (ปลาหมึกไข่นึ่งมะนาว)

Some of you may go against this as it's like, we eat the whole bunch of future squid in one dish. True that but hey, it's already become a part of our seafood eating culture or something. To be honest, it's one of the dishes l like a lot. I love the texture of its egg combined with the hot and spicy of the sauce. Spicily delicious!

Stir fry crab meat with yellow curry powder (ปูผัดผงกะหรี่)

It's just hard to not make curry powder with crab so good. Every place so far I have been eating in Thailand for these many years of living here. Wherever you go and order some, you can't be that disappointed.

Raw shrimps in fish sauce (กุ้งแช่น้ำปลา)

Yes! It's raw and it's in that good smelling fish sauce you all love! It's always been my favourite as somehow I love all the raw seafood. Eat with fresh garlic and the seafood sauce just make it so flavourful and alive!

Tom yum fish (ต้มยำปลา)

One of the most world famous Thai dishes 'Tom Yum' or the hot and sour soup. We could order any type of meat with it but we went for fish as we didn't have any fish in the dishes we ordered. Thai style simply delicious. The fish is as fresh as it could get when served in a restaurant.

All the food as mentioned, fresh and good. One thing about Sala Sukjai restaurant is that, they don't make the food taste too intense. I usually prefer it real spicy, extreme sour and all that. This works too and maybe some of you might like it more, I would guess so. The price is pretty reasonable as all the food we had including rice and drinks, total of 1050THB ($35).

Also, f you care about a great view while eating at all.. you sure will like the place. Here's the view from a table we're sitting. Simply beautiful. It doesn't really matter where in the restaurant you sit, you get pretty much the same view.

This place is sure worth a visit! Give it an evening.. Go eat fresh seafood and watch seagulls at Bangpu reacreation.

Address : Mueang Samut Prakan District, Samut Prakan 10280
Tel : 02 323 9911

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