Sushi in the wood | Boulder Creek, California

I love sushi! I do! I have had sushi in Japan, the origin of sushi! Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo. Also in other different cities in many countries but..

Tae's Edo Sushi Bar

I'd never had sushi in the wood. until today, I did!

Well, that might be a bit exaggerating.. Not really in the wood but it's sure close enough. The place we went called 'Tae's Edo' located in Boulder Creek, California. I believe it's the one and only real japanese food in town.


WARNING! This is going to be such a nice long post with photos more than word, I have to admit :)

I would love to show the place from the outside first. Isn't it lovely!!?


I am in love with the place

It was @trininyandgrow's belated birthday dinner so I promised him a meal. We're debating which place in town we should go to and believe me, not many of the choices in Boulder Creek LMAO so there we went.

I was super glad we did pick the place!Since the first minute we walked in, I was actually saying out loud 'Wow, the place is so cute!' not knowing I said it till a hostess answer 'Yes, it is'

Yes, it really was! The place's so homey somehow.



Lives in photos

One of the decorations I loved so so so much was how they have these wooden frames on the walls and you can see people from the different rooms.. Like they're in photos!



This was the view from the sushi bar to the dining room and the dining room to the sushi bar..


Miso soup

I love miso soup a lot! I love the unique taste, seaweed and tofu it got. This place nailed it! Even better when they just give it away for everyone, every table as a starter.



Dine in the wood

This pic could totally explain the title I gave (actually I stole it from the back of staffs' T-Shirt LOL). Look out the window was woods, greens, and small river once you look down.



California rolls

By that I mean, it's really rolled in California! Haha LOL We got 3 dishes and they're all sushi ! (Not really they are rolls but please, excuse me) 3 of them had their own styles and let me show them off one by one..

  • Santa Cruz Rolls
    These're actually California Rolls wrapped with Salmon and Tuna and topped with deep fried scallops.



  • Boulder Creek Rolls
    Got imitation crab inside topped with avocado and eel.



  • Lion King Rolls
    Topped with smoked salmon and all sauces. * These ones were intense! It's just so rich and flavorful with all mayo and sauces. I actually didn't like it as much as the other 2 above..


Wasabi served beautifully and soy sauce was of course, no.1 brand 'Kikkoman'!


Japanese Soda

When a waitress came to ask if we'd like any drink, I was looking and my eyes caught on the thing written 'Japanese soda'.. I knew Japanese,I knew soda but I was not so sure about Japanese soda.. 'Could you just give me a bottle of your favorite flavor please'

I got the orange one..


No, it was not too exciting until we wanted to drink it after the meal.. We couldn't open it as we didn't know how!!! LMAO

After peeling the plastic cover, in the middle there's something like glass marble and one of the waitresses explain that we have to push it down with its cork. (Yes, there's a thing looked like cork came with it)


Poof! There you got the marble laying there at the bottle neck..


The drink was just okay for me but the way we gotta do to drink it was pretty fun. Especially, it's the first time we did it so..


Random pick turned out to be a perfect dining experience

Let me tell you one more time, it was good! It was so good and I so loved it! Not just how good the food was but all the decoration and service were just outstanding.

If you ever come by around Santa Cruz, take like 30 mins out of the city and come enjoy this town sushi, Sushi in the wood! Tae's Edo Sushi!!!

Address: 13271 CA-9, Boulder Creek, CA 95006
Phone: (831) 338-2099


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Lots of lots of love,
Mo ❤

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