Food that is Taiwanese and sold on the street!

Oh! I have just written post about this temple called 'Dadaocheng Cicheng' yesterday. A small but Chinesely beautiful.. I also have mentioned that, no, we didn't go there for the temple, we went there fot its food!

In front of the temple, there are quite a lot of Taiwanese street food vendors that serve real Taiwanese food! Of course, we're in Taipei,Taiwan! Why would those be fake ones? LOLOL


Let's see if you would find all these types of food a bit / a lot different from where you come from.. As I made a video about it before..

.. and one of the comments was

eww pig gut soup - @adetorrent -

I hadn't felt like it was something 'unusual' till I read that.. 'Hmm.. not all the countries eat pig gut!'. We eat it all pretty much the same here in Thailand as a lot of people here were pretty much Chinese. So am I (some part of me..)

The whole set of Taiwanese street food for brekky!

It was 3 of us eating and we ordered 6 dishes in total from 5 different vendors. Here were what we got..


Oh! Excuse the look of the photos, I was with friends and one of them I met first time.. I kinda felt bad taking so much time doing my own things while they're kindly showing me around :) They look good still though as I take all with my Canon M50 ! Ha!

Pig gut soup! 四神湯

Let's have this as my first pic as I already feel like a lot of people might find it a bit odd. It comes with all the stomach, intestines, liver, any part you could imagine, really. The soup has not much of a taste though I heard it's good for health.

'My mom always tell me that I don't need to finish everything but you need to drink the soup..' - Carol, my new sexy Taiwanese friend -



Boiled dry squid 燙烏賊 / 燙花枝

Neal, my Taiwanese foodie friend told me to just look at the color of it. Yes, it looks a bit different like, darker than it usually is, you know. The reason why is, they dry it first before boiling it.

Served with soy sauce and wasabi. Like a Japanese food but it's Taiwanese! Oh! shredded ginger too!



Extra rolls 雞卷

That's like translate directly from Taiwanese language so it means 'Extra rolls'.. The rolls that made from the food left over from other food.. Make sense? Watch the video and listen more to what my local friends explain ;)

Served with some sliced pickles and you could also dip it in a sweet chilli sauce..



Deep fried everything

The one we ordered got shrimps, red pork (Pork marinated in sweet red sauce) Eaten with sweet chili sauce.


Lu Rou Fan 滷肉飯!

NO! You can't avoid this when you travel in Taiwan. It's everywhere!!! They also eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner. I kinda like it, to be honest. I love how they make it a bit salty, sweet and yes, fatty!

It's a braised pork belly on rice. I ate a lot of it when I was there and I even know where to get the best one in Taipei.. BEST LU ROU FAN in Taipei!!


That's it for the meal! Doesn't look like it's a lot but I was packed! Now let me show you how the place look from in front.. See, that what real street food called, I guess. I love how they have this seat for people to sit just right in front the vendors. That's dang cool!


Ok, last one with me trying to play cute with just a piece of extra roll LOLOL It's for my video cover photo.. come on!


Here's where it is exactly! and thanks @aaronli for translating some words! :)

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