Satay is something I have been so familiar with. A delicious snack sold all over in Thailand. Last time in Malaysia. To be exact, in Malacca / Maleka, there's this mind blowing type of Satay that they're known for, Satay Celup!


For those who don't know what exactly Satay is..

Satay is a Southeast Asian dish of seasoned, skewered and grilled meat, served with mostly, peanut sauce and vinegary soaked cucumber

According to wikipedia, it is a dish from Indonesia, and popular in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Brunei. Oh! I somehow thought it's Chinese influenced.

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If there's no such a place that serves Satay where you are. Try make it at home :)

That's a normal type we all South East Asians eat. The type Thai people like myself are familiar with. Guess what, Malacca has its own version of Satay and it's whoa!. No more peanut sauce as a small little cup of peanut sauce you would dip your screwers of meat in..

Satay Celup in Malacca

Since we're there in Malacca during the weekdays. All stores closed so early and there's no famous Jonker Night Market going on. I asked a hostel staff where locals normally eat. She suggested either Steamboat or Satay Celup. I have heard quite a lot of Steamboat all over. It's like a shabu shabu / hot pot. Though, Satay Celup, I was not quite sure I knew what it was so..

This Malaccan style satay called 'Satay Celup'. Not only meat like we're used to but screwers of all kinds of meat balls, seafood, meat, vegetables, mushrooms and all you could imagine. Then dunk them all into the hot boiling pot of peanut sauce. Crazy huh!!? It's like the next level of Satay eating!

A few places not too far from the Jonker Walk and the hostel we're staying at that serve the dish. We read some review on the internet in addition to what the hostel staff told us. We went to the area where McQuek's Satay Celup and Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup located. Ban Lee Siang seems busy and we seriously couldn't be bother with the crowd.

McQuek's Satay Celup

McQuek's has their main location and this is its a branch. We almost got the whole restaurant just for ourselves. Only 2 tables there including ours. It's a semi self-service restaurant. Once we're seated, we went to grab as many screwers as we felt like. Super hungry and all the meat and vegetable just looked tempting.

The waiter prepared us a big pot of peanut sauce and dumped a lot more ground peanut in. There are actually choices if you'd like to use the used pot of peanut sauce for free or start the new one and pay a bit extra Ringgits. We went with the used one and hoped no Malaysian dudes had double dipped before hand.

Meat, meat balls, seafood, fish cakes, vegetables, mushrooms and etc.

The varieties of the food were not as many compared to the one next door but it was just enough for us to enjoyed. Many of them you might find interesting. Something like, fish cake wrapped in a pandan leaves. The thing I was surprised to see was this vinegary century quail eggs topped with fermented ginger. Again, Whoa!

The hunger made us do it. We grabbed A LOT of food and even those weird looking ones we were not sure we could like it. Ready to dippy dip!

This is honestly a little odd how we dip all the screwers in such thick and not transparent liquid. We have eaten just with soup in the past eating life. Satay Celup, a pot full of peanut sauce like this, first time here in Malacca. It was a fun cook-it-yourself kind of meal though.

Is it really, like, boiling, boiling? Is it cooked enough?

The observation, dipping skill and the bravery of eating something that's might not be cooked fully just improved over the meal.

The taste of it, I'm not exactly sure if the peanut sauce actually absorbs into the meat and veggies. I tasted the peanut anyways as it's all over and the stuffs on screwers were not big pieces at all. I had never before tried vegetable with peanut sauce until in Malacca! My personal preference is Okra and oh youuuu, I had no idea it's good with peanuts!

The meal ended with that many screwers and RM48 paid ($11.50)

Satay Celup was a fun meal in Malacca/ Maleka. It's peanutty delicious and affordable. What an experience too! It's our first time having Satay like that. We liked it a lot and would love to try more of it if we're back in Malaysia next time. I don't think I have seen it elsewhere, not in Thailand either.

The meal was great and the ginseng drink was interestingly refreshing.

McQuek's Satay Celup
45C, Jalan Ong Kim Wee, 75300 Melaka, Malaysia
+60 12-606 2993
Hours : 5PM to midnight everyday

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