Who wouldn't love the secret hidden local spot?

Everywhere I go, I always talk to locals and ask for some spots tourists wouldn't know about, fun hangout area and of course, some great local food.

Same thing when we went to visit Chumphon, the province a bit down south of Thailand. 'The door to Southern Thailand'. We were staying on the popular food strip at a hostel called 'Salsa hostel'. One of the two hostels they have in town.

Bro, where's the best beaches around here. Like, clean, quiet and great just to lay down chilling.

He opened the map, I laid down a piece of paper and wrote down what he recommended.

Ok, after this line, the secret beach wouldn't be so secret as I'm going to be sharing the list with you all here. Sharing is caring but hey, keep it between us, ok? :D


Not more than an hour ride/drive from the popular beach people go to called 'Hat Thung Wua Laen', there are a few different beaches you could get to. We for some reason chose to go to the one in Ban Bang Chak area. To get to the beach from the main road, you turn right where Ban Bang Chak School located then it's all up to your skills. We were at the spot with all these abandon shrimp farms and small roads. A lot of cows are hanging around so some of the street you can't really pass by.

We ourselves took so many turn and rode back and forth guessing which would be the right way.

We made it to the Bang Chak Beach!!!

One of a few secret beaches in Chumphon. The reason I would call that 'a secret beach' myself is also because, when we're there, we're the only one there! Can you imagine..

Green mountains on the sides, fine sand at our feet, sunny day, clean water and us two!

Well, a bit of garbage on the beach from the storms the past few days I have to admit. It's so freaking pretty and private still. We're there for almost 3 hours and still, the beach was all ours! :D

Since there's literally no one besides us, we did whatever we wanted to including posing naked! I used to do this a few times and I feel like it's a great and beautiful piece of art so..

Let it free!

If you ever have a chance to go visit Chumphon and would love to chill at nice beaches with a bit of privacy, this is one of the spots for sure! Just keep it clean for the next lucky ones!

To get there : 10°45'49.1"N 99°24'36.0"E

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