We went for noodle. We fell in love with wontons 💛

WAY BEYOND PAD THAI @waybeyondpadthaiOctober 2018 · 4 min read

What is up Steem fam!

It's been a while after my last food post.. right? Not too sure but feel like it. Whatever, today I'm back with some delicious Thai food. Well, kind of.. It's made in Thailand at least


Kuay Teow Nai Roo (ก๋วยเตี๋ยวในรู)

You actually won't find this a bit funny till I translate word by word from Thai to English for you..

  • Kuay Teow means noodle
  • Nai means in (preposition)
  • Roo means a hole

Noodle in a whole, indeed. LOLOL and the reason is just because it's located in a wall hole (a small alley, actually). The place looks pretty old as it's been open for many years and yes, it's also located in a Chinese historic area in Bangkok, 'Talat Noi'.


The simple sign in the front with the msg..

claimed that they're featured in one of the famous Food T.V. show


True that it's a noodle place in a wall hole but this whole actually connect to the other side of the wall that has a proper dining room. That was great as really, during the day in Thailand with the extreme heat, you'd like something to cool you down a bit. In this case, we're talking about an air-con room LOLOL

I know! Not the most creative thing I could come up with but it really does help!

Honey marinated pork (Moo Nam Pueng : หมูน้ำผึ้ง)

One of the famous ingredients they have here is their pork marinated with honey and of course other sauces. I sure do love it as it has a bit of sweetness to it along with the flavors people call it 'Umami'. The deliciousness that you can't explain :)


Deep fried Wontons (Kiaw Krob : เกี๊ยวกรอบ)

After a minute we sat down, a waitress came to ask if we would like to start with deep fried wontons. Not knowing that it's good or not, I did say yes because of the hunger and the spirit of vlogger that would love to have some variety in the videos LOL

Here it came. Served simply in a bowl with a dipping sauce. I was wondering what kind of sauce that was and the answer was 'The same honey sauce they use to marinate the pork.'

That's why it's so umamiiiiiii



Inside stuffed with a little bit of ground pork.

** Exciting bonus!

Guess what.. We found out that these wontons are all housemade! That actually made me all excited as I love all homemade, housemade and all :)

Thai Noodle Soup

I actually don't know for sure if this type of noodle soup is really Thai or Chinese. Anyways, we ordered 2 types of soup. One with the regular soup and one with Tom Yum soup (Hot and Spicy).

My friends loved the noodle soup a lot. It was decent and the noodle texture is somehow well soft. Like, you know, when it's not completely soft. It's such a perfect texture and yes, will all the ingredients in the bowl, it's just a perfect combination. I do agree.



In the Bowls
- Delicioso sopa!
- Ground Pork
- Meat balls
- Honey marinated pork slices
- Deep fried wonton
- Your choices of noodle

Same like any other noodle place in Thailand, you got a few condiments to choose..
- Ground chilli
- Vinegar
- sugar


Address : 970/1 Charoen Krung Rd, Khwaeng Talat Noi, Khet Samphanthawong, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10100
Tell : 02 233 1697

Lots of lots of love,
Mo ❤



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foxkoit @foxkoitOctober 2018

I want try this soup :) ... it looks very good ... And are this Ground chilli very hot ? :))


They're not hot at all :D

foxkoit @foxkoitOctober 2018

Ok..ok.. :)) Then I want it :)


I like wanton both soup or fried :-)


Same dolphin! :)





Yes, yes... I know... I shouldn't visit your blog near lunch time, but I did, now I'm paying the price hahahaha

I like the way your posts are interesting and so happy, you have a really nice vibe.


Hahahah Thanks a lot. Glad you enjoy and the happiest thing is I got you all hungry bwahahha ! Thanks for stopping by and leave this l lovely comment! :)


You are welcome, and if you make me hungry again I swear I'll unfollow hhhahahahhaha


Cryyyyy hahahahah


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Thanks a lot and oh! Thank you @mrprofessor again! :)


So you call it kuay teouw too, we Indonesians call it kwee tiauw hahaha.
But it is normally only for rice noodle. The general name for noodle in Indonesian is "Mie".
I think I haven't tasted enough Thai cuisine. :-D
I hope steem price rises and rises again soon, so that we can travel there again someday hahaha.


Yeah, we call pretty much the same things and I think in Malaysia and China (Some of them) call the same also.

steem price rises and rises again soon

Hahahha I believe all the people here on the blockchain do hope the same thing even they don't wanna come to Thailand :D If it does, first thing first, new laptop then I will take a month or two backpacking around. I'm so needing it! hahaha :D


That food looks tasty! I've never had deep fried wontons. When you mentioned the place's name, Kuay Teow Nai Roo, and explained the meaning,

Kuay Teow means noodle
Nai means in (preposition)
Roo means a hole

I was imagining people eating noodles out of a hole in the table and thinking 'I'm not too sure if i'd like that 😂 then...

LOLOL and the reason is just because it's located in a wall hole (a small alley, actually).

I realized I was being too literal lol


LOLOLOLOLOLOL That's really funny hahha. I wouldn't like that noodle in a table hole either! :D LOL