Whatttt?? Another year has passed and we're still here eating at Yaowarat Road (เยาวราช) in Chinatown Bangkok, Thailand! Of course, this is probably one of the top food spots in Bangkok. So much good food around and if you know what to get and where, this street wouldn't cost you an arm and a leg. Promise!

Neon Tuk-Tuk ride

Just last week, I stopped by at my cousins' place at Hualumpong MRT, the closest MRT Station to get to Chinatown. I was there to drop off our stuffs before heading to Chinatown. Around there area, you could easily find Tuk-Tuks driving or hanging around waiting for their passengers as it's tourist area. There we got on one. 5 mins ride for 60 THB ($2) with 6 people (+Driver) stuffed in it WHOA! Now tying your eyebrows? It's not a normal Tuk-Tuk also. He got the weird neon lighting on. First time of my life on this kinda Tuk-Tuk so I couldn't help snapping some photos.

There! You see it's 6 of us!!!




Yaowarat Road Food 2019 !

Last year I have brought you guys to Yaowarat Road (เยาวราช) for some food. Back then I was soooo new to video editing and pretty much all kind of content creating. Eating delicious food here in Chinatown was one of my first few videos.

It was pretty stupid edit with all the effects so please be prepare if you're watching it :)

This year, I'm bringing you guys to this epic Yaowarat food tour in Bangkok Chinatown once again. We could do this together every year you know. Let's see what's still on the list and what's new.

Kuay Chab on Yaowarat Road

There's not a time when we (That including when I'm going with either friends or family) go to Yaowarat Road and not getting Kuay Chab (ก๋วยจั๊บ),

Kuay Chab is the Chinese style with rolled noodle along with all types of organs, crispy pork and the peppery soup. Real hot so that you would feel like your throat burns.

There are a few places that serve Kuay Chab on Yaowarat Road. 3 places to be exact that you can spot easily : Nai EK, Nai Auan, Nai Lek and all of them are just as good and peppery. I don't even know why they make this dish so peppery hot around here. It's just not like any other places but that's probably why we need to line up to dine at least 15 mins every time we're there.

This time we went for Nai Ek for some reason but once again, they're all just as good as the others!

Just right there on the left side of Nai Ek roll noodle shop, there's Gyoza stall proudly serves big pieces with tons of stuffing. Great as an appetiser if you're ever too hungry when waiting in line. Just make sure you finish the box before you get into the restaurant as they don't allow you so! Boo..

Hot Plates on Yaowarat Road

Next stop is something a lot of you may consider, really exotic. It's hot food served on hot plates. Like, finger burning hot. I didn't know much about the place before but it's my cousin's favourite. 'Porn Lamai (ครัวพรละมัย)'. Sounds sexual, don't you think? but nah, nothing to do with anything in bed but in the kitchen! Their open kitchen just right there for you to enjoy the cooking and the fire!

The plates/small pans get heated up every time the food get put on. They're known for their Suki Yaki and oyster omelette. I honestly am not into the oyster omelette much but their stir fry suki is sure on my top list for this year.

The food was good but one thing I need to warn you all, never order drinks for the place. I sat just right behind the drink stall and I just couldn't stand the process of cups cleaning. Don't let me have a chance to tell you after you went there 'I told you so..'

Curry on Yaowarat Road

Not many places around here serve Curry. Yes! It's Chinatown not little India come on! Isn't the place supposed to fill with all the Chinese goodnesses and seafood? Anyways, this place 'Mr.Tall Curry (แกงกะหรี่นายโย่ง)' does! The stall has been serving curries for long time!

We tried their Beef Curry Signature and oh my you! I wish I were hungrier at the time. The not-too-stong curry taste. Almost like a mixture of soup and curry texture. Very tender beef with a bit of fat tagging along. I surely fell in love.

Dessert on Yaowarat Road

I know! I didin't want to be a loser either but it's already time for dessert, dang it! We had been eating just too much somehow so here we go again.. One of my favourite dessert of all time 'J Auan dessert stall'. Youuuuu! This is a MUST-TRY on Yaowarat Road in Bangkok Chinatown. I have never gone there for anything else but the rice dough balls in ginger tea.

It's a sweet goodness. Melt- in-your-mouth dough ball stuffed with a lava finely grounded black sesame in the throat-burning ginger tea.

Oh you, I never got bored of it ever and I sure would love you to try!

Be careful you!

Drink on Yaowarat Street

Since all these have been street kinda food, let's continue with street style drink I got from a random stall just next to Mr. Tall Curry Stall. I always love sour-sweet drink after the greasy street food. Sour Plum juice not just one but 2 in a roll. It's just refreshingly eyes-closing sour.

If you're foodies travelling in Bangkok, Thailand then Yaowarat Road in Bangkok Chinatown sure should be on your top list to visit. I never really go there for seafood but more like street food vibes kinda mood.

Enjoy your food journey and let me know if you ever try any of these!

Yaowarat Road Night Market (Food)

Address : 452, 442 Yaowarat Rd, Khwaeng Samphanthawong, Khet Samphanthawong, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10100
Hours : 6:30PM–12AM Everyday

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