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We were soooooo lucky. Well, not really as every one could be as lucky if they come visit Kudichin Community! LOLOL We had a chance to try these delicious snacks and not just that, what special about it is, we gotta watch the process of them making it. OH MY! IT WAS JUST AWESOME!!

Kanom Farang Kudichin

That's exactly what's called and I actually figured out myself why it is called like that..

  • Kanom means snack
  • Farang is how we call 'Foreigners' (white mostly - No, not me being racist but they really do call them this!)
  • Kudichin is the name of the area and the community

It's a snack made by or for farangs (go look at the definition one more time! :D) in Kudichin.. What do you think? Make sense?

It's a mixture of Thai-Portuguese combined.

Anyways, it's a snack that everyone that comes here will have to try as it's originally from here. It looks like something called 'Thai egg cake' to me. It's just that, this one got sugar and raisins on top. Oh! that makes it different! :)

Raan Mae Pao (ร้านแม่เป้า)

This is totally one of the highlight of the trip. We didn't really expect to see this. It was reallllll interesting and really I have never seen something like this in life. No kiddin'! You will see what I mean when you scroll down a bit to the part where they bake the snack ;)


First thing we see when we walked inside.


The room where they prepare and mix the ingredients



What an experience!

This place, Raan Mae Pao at Kudichin Community is actually almost like a factory or something though, it's all homemade. We were there long enough to see all the process..

  • Mix the ingredients
  • Butter the cups
  • Fill the cups
  • Bake with the old Thai style way of baking
    (* My most favourit part! I have never seen elsewhere!! )
  • Sprinkle sugar and decorate with raisins
  • Take them out of the cups
  • Package them




Here! My most favourite process (to watch!). First time seeing this, literally. Not sure about other countries but here in Thailand, in the past they bake like this.. It was really hot all over the place and they had a few of those you see and in the center of the place they were preparing the buring charcoals to put on the baking thingy (Sorry! English is not my first language! LOLOL).


The toppings


Take the snack off the cups


The reason they make this much is because they also do wholesale.

1 bag (4 pieces) costs 35 THB and 3 for 100 THB. They also sell to other members of the community and others sell it to the tourist. Not much of the difference but I would still prefer to just come get it from the source. Seeing all these processes and have the snacks fresh off the oven (if it is one.. )



Kanom Farang Kudichin (ขนมฝรั่งกุฎีจีน)



There! Me enjoy Kanom Farang Kudichin by the Chao Phraya River. The snack was pretty dry (Good though, I mean). Oh! The taste and texture almost feel like a Thai egg cake.. Yes! Exactly that! Good that it's not too sweet and feel pretty light when eating.

Do I like it? Yes! I do!



Only at Kudichin Snacks!

In the community, we also came across this snack shop that was cooking at the time we walked past.. Smells hella good! (-oo-) Who could resist the deep fried anything smells!? LOL

After talking a bit with the owner of the shop, we got to know that, these 3 types of dessert they were making only from this community.

Even in this community, not many shops sell them either.

Ku - sa - lang (ขนมกุสลัง)

Like a crispy deep fried dough with sugar glaze.


Na - nuan (ขนมหน้านวล)

I assume it's like a mixture of egg cake and meringue.

Na - nuan translate directly means smooth face.. yes, like @kevinli's face.

Make sense. As you can see, the surface of the snack is dang smooth..


Guay - tus (ขนมก๋วยตั๊ส)

This is basically a pineapple pie (The lower part is what you saw in the boiling oil a bit up there.)


I personally like the first one the most and other than that, almost a week has passed and all them are still in the fridge! LOL so, think before you buy!

Lots of lots of love,
Mo ❤



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