Re: Texas Hill Country - April 2016

Wonderful piece, and beautiful pictures! (kudos Scott)..
This reminds me of a park here close called Ha Ha Tonka; when I was younger, I used to go during fall, and take pictures of the trees...always a good time! It just brought back memories; here let me show you...



Not at all to take away from the beauty of your post my friend. I have only been to Texas once in my youth but will admit, there is plenty to see there! Anyway, thank you for sharing your journey with us...

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I've been to Ha Ha Tonka, and even had the privilege to see the castle! This is one of those places I want Scott to experience. It's such a pretty spot.


Sadly, as more and more people "explore" they've had to block a lot more access off...

*flips hair


Yeah, this is one of the things we have had to deal with since we started traveling. We try to go to more of the "out of the way", not-so-touristy places. There seems to be less damage and crowding.