Here is again one for a travel stories lovers. This time a little bit tabu, including cockroaches on a plane. When we were staying at the Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur we had an amazing time. Not just because of the hotel itself, but also of patrons there. In our beloved reading room, we met one middle-aged gentleman who was extremely nice and intelligent. After bonding with him, he became our inspiration. He used to work for World Bank institution, but because it wasn't his dream job he retired early. His idea of retirement is actually traveling, meeting his friends around the world and enjoying life. #lifegoal for both of us. Anyway, time flew by when we were talking to each other so we switched the reading room for the Smoke House Bar.

Majestic hotel Kuala Lumpur
Smoke House in The Majestic Kuala Lumpur is a great place for sharing travel stories

Cockroaches on a Plane to Africa

The saying “If you don’t go, you don’t have a story” is more than true. This guy traveled basically the whole world and he was a witness to some amazing and crazy events. He shared a story about a business trip to Africa. It happened in the 80's when the airplanes and airlines weren’t at today’s standards. Especially not in Africa! So, his flight was scheduled to be about 8 hours, which is unpleasant enough. But soon after takeoff, the plane was swamped with cockroaches.

cockroaches on a plane
One cockroach on the plane means there are more. On that flight, there were thousands of cockroaches.

If you saw the movie “Snakes on A Plane”, just change “snakes” to “cockroaches” and you have a proper image. These insects were literally everywhere and passengers had their legs up in the air for the whole flight. Of course, the food wasn’t an option. Hungry or not, it was contaminated. Did they land early? No, no. They spent  8 hours high up in the air surrounded by cockroaches.

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cockroaches on the plane
Cockroaches on a plane, everywhere. supposedly the passengers weren't moved for the whole flight.

The Biggest Problem Came on the End

Crazy right? But wait! This nightmare didn't end after landing. After the plane touched down, the passengers weren't allowed to leave the plane. The priority was the pest control and the removal of thousands of cockroaches. They started spraying all over the place, while all the passengers were still on the plane. Miserably waiting, without any masks. Once the officials were positive that the plane was “pest free” passengers were able to leave the plane.

cockroach on the plane window
The biggest problem was in the end. There were intense pest control and control spraying all over the plane while travelers still on their sits.

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