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Going back to the things you like is normal, even while traveling. Fortunately for us, we return to the place sooner or later to tick off some of our desires. One of our wishes was to check the Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur (KL) again since our Mosaic Buffet adventure. This time our victim was Mandarin Oriental KL high tea.

Extraordinary desserts at the buffet kept an open question if the afternoon tea can relate to that. Here around KLCC, the high tea competition is intense. Especially with afternoon tea catered at nearby Four Seasons KL and High on Sugar afternoon tea buffet at neighboring Hyatt. Ou, and not to mention the unforgettable Japanese Nobu afternoon tea… So let’s check if Mandarin Oriental KL high tea can keep the pace with them in our extended review.

  • Lounge on the Park
    It is very pleasant to be at the Lounge on the Park, which is furnished in the classy Chinese style.
  • MO KL
    Inside the Lounge on the Park is weak lighting for alluring feel with classy Chinese touch.

Mandarin Oriental KL Lounge on the Park Ambiance

Inside the Lounge on the Park is weak lighting for alluring feel, with classy Chinese furnishing. At the end of the lounge, you can see the jungle view which combines the best from the natural and urban worlds. In general, this makes it a perfect place for one of the best high tea in KL. Of course, one can stop just for a cuppa, and relax on the outside terrace where sadly food is not served.

Lounge on the Park

The lounge ends with a jungle view which is a rare sight in the KL city center.

TWG Loose Tea Selection

The tea enthusiasts will be delighted to know that at Mandarin Oriental KL high tea, there are 60 premium TWG teas on the tea menu. Apart from a comprehensive selection of invigorating teas I was happy to see Rooibos and a few other caffeine-free tea blends. I put my finger down for the Jasmine Pearls tea. It seems like I can’t get enough of this fragrant pair of Chinese green tea and jasmine blossoms. Especially I love its floral tenderness with green tea tartness and nice grassy finish.

TWG tea display

The tea enthusiasts will be delighted to know that there are 60 premium TWG teas to choose from for Mandarin Oriental KL high tea.

High Tea Set

High tea treats are exhibited on a three-tier red-brown massive stand. By aside, I got a delicious scones condiments and here they are generous with them.

Mandarin Oriental KL high tea

This Lounge on the Park afternoon tea is executive pastry chef Anthony Hoyle's creation.


Both plain and raisin scones came to the table pleasantly heated with plenty of colorful spreads. First, I tried the lemon curd and loved its richness in texture and flavor as well. Then, another citrusy delicacy tempted me, this time in mandarin orange. The mandarin marmalade proved to be a right zesty switch and went well with the clotted cream.

scones at Lounge on the Park

Both plain and raisin scones came to the table pleasantly heated with plenty of colorful spreads; mandarin marmalade, strawberry jam, lemon curd and clotted cream.

Yet, I enjoyed the combination of strawberry jam and clotted cream even more. Just like jams were top notch so were the tasty scones with a firm crust.

TWG tea packaging

I put my finger down the for Jasmine Pearls tea from the TWG loose leaf tea selection.

High Tea Savories

The Mandarin Oriental KL high tea menu looked promising including all four sandwiches with a splash of extravagance. Even with delightful filling, I can’t go past the bland bread slices. In a word, the gravlax salmon suddenly loses the grandeur and sour lemon cream can’t fulfill the lifeless bread.

Afternoon tea sandwiches

Finger sandwiches: Gravlax salmon with lemon sour cream; chicken with cheddar cheese; oregano cream cheese with radish pickles; tuna with Antiboise mayonnaise

In general, the savory English tea time snacks at Mandarin Oriental KL high tea would be way better with fresh bread. Among all four I liked the grilled chicken with Cheddar cheese the most. Its dense filling connected the meaty flavors with mild cheese, allowing me to forget about the bread.

pouring tea from tea pot

I love the floral tenderness of jasmine blossoms blended with green tea tartness.

Sweets at Mandarin Oriental KL High Tea

Just as expected after our feast at the Mandarin Oriental Mosaic buffet, the desserts are the real star of this afternoon tea menu. To my excitement, the tea time cakes looked not only splendid but also tasted delicious. Leaning towards the traditional English tea cakes all the pieces were juicy with a sophisticated twist.

  • lounge on the park high tea
    In my eyes, the sweets are the winners of this English afternoon tea in Kuala Lumpur.
  • lounge on the park high tea
    For English afternoon tea I got sandwiches and sweets all inspired by the West.

My Favorite

I started with a cherry cheesecake with delicious Amarena cherry on top. The decoration itself is a flavorful and tasty trend that continues with the moist cheesecake. The next treat I loved was the light carrot sponge cake with cheese frosting on top. I liked the firm texture of the cake and how well it worked with the topping.

lounge on the park afternoon tea

My favorite pastries: cherry cheesecake, chocolate-orange delice, carrot cake.

Among the top grade sweets was also the delightful chocolate orange delice. To point out, this combination of light chocolate and orange juiciness truly got the better side of both ingredients.

bite size cakes

The combination of light chocolate and orange juiciness truly got the better side of both ingredients.

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With a Magic Touch

Also, the remaining three pieces were more than adequate. The first one was a tart with strawberries from Cameron Highlands. Here, I must say something about the Cameron Highlands, the location itself is not to brag and strawberries from there are far cry from good ones. Even so, the chef brought the strawberries back to life with his experiences and infused it with absent essence.

Mandarin Oriental KL high tea

To my excitement, the tea time cakes looked not only splendid but also tasted delicious.

As a result, the fresh strawberries tasted better than the ones from my grandmother's garden. Speaking about childhood memories, the apple crumble cake also belongs to the revived zone. The only thing I would change is the sugar amount, that is; reduce it noticeably.

Mandarin Oriental KL aftrnoon tea

Leaning towards the traditional English tea cakes all the pieces were juicy with a sophisticated twist.


Ups and downs of the Mandarin Oriental KL high tea set left me with mixed feelings in the end. It started with an impressive visual image of the Lounge on the Park, including the sandwich stand. I also shouldn't overlook the kind service and talented pianist making afternoon tea even more special. Regarding the afternoon tea sandwiches, I believe there is some room for improvement. Evidently, it starts with the bread, but also some amuse bouche wouldn't hurt.

Orchid flowers at hotel lobby

Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur greeted us with a different set of flowers than when we were there for buffet lunch at Mosaic restaurant.

Lounge On The Park High Tea Review Card

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Price and Location

Afternoon tea set for one person is settled at 36 USD, which makes it one of the priciest here in Kuala Lumpur. Anyway, if you add 12 USD to that you will get also a glass of champagne and indulge these treats with style. Here is a link to the location in a case you don't know, where Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur is.

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What a mouth watering review. Excellent work on this article, @wnfdiary! Great photos!
I don't think I've ever been in such a luxurious hotel in my whole life. Incredible!!!

I'm glad you enjoyed the review! It is a nice place with the best spot: the edge to the KLCC park. You literally walk into the park from the bar which is huge advantage for them. Soon they will renovate their bar but I hope this lounge stays the same for a little longer, it really is special.

I like that your review is honest and you describe your real experience and not what people want to see. I truly like the place and I'm disappointed to hear that not all food was spot on. It's a pity in such nice surroundings.

I think you did a great job with selecting your tea. I would probably go with the same.

Those cakes looks delicious and I'm sure those scones were lovely too!

Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your curie vote!

Thank you and I'm glad you enjoyed the review. I try to put is personal note because everyone has a different taste but even so if there is something to point out it is fair to do so. After all you want to get your money worth, I sure do 😁 and cakes definitely made my day.

Oh this is a very handy post since my biz travel in the coming 6 months will take me to KL again. We also have a Mandarin Oriental here in Chiang Mai, Thailand and yes, the afternoon teas are the bomb!! The fresh flower arrangements are always so lovely, no?? Champagne ith my afternoon tea?? LOL - that sounds like the perfect bridging idea to pre-dinner cocktails after a big day in KL.

Have you ever checked out the @steemxp community for all things South East Asia? I'm based in Thailand and really enjoy the Asian content I discover through them - and the support they give!

I think you ere very discreet NOT naming your favourite afternoon tea treat! So much to choose from! And the presentation itself is delish.

Oh Chiang Mai, a destination on our bucket list. Actually that goes for the whole Thailand 😁. Thanks for mentioning the @steemxp I'll keep it in mind for the next post. Since you are looking forward to your upcoming trip to KL let me make a small suggestion after this one 😊. Have a taste of some cocktails / mocktails at Trigona bar. It is close to Mandarin Oriental (also on the edge of the park) and totally jaw dropping place. We also wrote a review of it so feel free to check it to get the idea of what I mean. In no time months will pass and hopefully (I'm sure) you'll have a great time no matter where in KL you'll be 😉

Now that's SUPER helpful! Adds Trigona Bar to her travel itinerary. Off to check out your post. :) Be in touch when you buy your tickets for Thailand, or maybe I will see you at #steemfest in Bangkok in November. :)

Looks like a nice fancy place in picture, and the little round dessert bar is cutee :)

Yes, it is more quiet place in golden Kuala Lumpur center with iconic Petronas towers a few steps away.

oh thats nice

Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur looks very beautiful. I would like to participate in tea event.
Thank you for sharing this information with our community.

I definitely recommend, especially if you have a sweet tooth because their desserts are delicious. The menu changes from time to time, which makes it even more fun. But the park view stays the same and it is gorgeous.

poss @possMay 2019

Waw odlične fotke!!

S katerim objektivom si slikal? Še vedno na a6500?

Hvala me veseli da se ti dopadejo. Res je kamera je ista in najbrž bo še kako leto, čeprav so nove zelo mikavne. Objektiv je pa 50 makro.

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Thank you so much!

By just looking at the pictures you shared, I knew that you really have a pleasant experience. An authentic and memorable experience. The place is nice and I think cozy, I am sure it is all worth the visit. We all want to visit somewhere like in here and be comfortable all you want while taking some coffee and slice of the most delicious dessert that you crave for. I almost drool just by looking at those cakes. Seems very tasty.

Thanks for the share and I am hoping to see your future posts soon. God bless you!

Thank you for such a nice feedback. All you said is true; peace to enjoy tasty treats is best with some tea/coffee 😉. God bless you and cheers to simple pleasures in life!

I would like to experience a high tea like that at some point soon. There is always room for improvement and understand your fair criticism. You want to be the best so offer the best and then you can justify the pricing accordingly. It does look good though and wouldn't hesitate to try it out if and when I am there.

hi @wnfdiary
it's one of the best reviews I've ever seen, I'm not kidding! The place is beautiful and your beautiful photos make it honor in every detail you've photographed! Your news is very detailed and it is nice that you are so sincere even on the freshness of the products, on the other hand in a place so luxurious you expect only the best no? But, and excuse ignorance, explain one thing to me: are afternoon teas a particular tradition in Malaysia with all these foods? in the end the tea is completely in the background, especially at the end when you talk about champagne !! :-))
Congratulations and thank you for sharing with us