As you know we were at Gardens by the Bay, where we enjoyed the great light spectacle. A few days later, we returned to the Gardens by The Bay at daylight and got the completely different feeling of the place. It was still beautiful, no doubt about that. However, in the daytime, the magic of the dark was gone. The first one on the wish list was the dome with the most magical name – the Cloud Forest. After that, we planned to visit the Flower Dome and the OCBC Skyway, and that wasn’t all. We intended to walk around the park if our feet could keep up with our wishes.


Gardens By the Bay are amazing


Gardens By the Bay at night are even nicer. But night has its charm anyway.

The entry into the Cloud Forest was outstanding! First, there was a temperature shock and it took me a while till I got used to it. However, I forgot about the low temperatures when I saw the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. After we moved on, we quickly got the chills. The temperature inside is significantly lower than the temperature outside. The reason for this difference is the wellbeing of the plants. Inside that dome, high altitude plants grow. For them to survive in hot tropical climate, the air control is the key. The place is a proper exhibition of rare plants that grow in different continents of the world and wood sculptures that are exhibited in between are well set and a piece of art by themselves. They mastered every aspect of this Cloud forest. Lush greenery is the indisputable king. However, the artwork and the design of the “mountain” also contributes to the impression. On the top of the mountain, there is a little pond, which is surrounded by plants and flowers. To me, it represented a place where nature and human playfulness meet. At the peak of the “mountain”, you could even see the famous building Marina Bay Sands on one side and the Supertree Grove on the other.


Cloud forest dome in all its glory


For me one of the greatest architectural achievements

The high spirits of the upper floor were a distant memory when we entered the educational room. This place is a solid reminder that we as a species are not on the right track. All the data displayed around the room are scary and the images are really disturbing. Those who have a moral sense can see the devastating impact of us humans on our planet. Those who don’t care can easily pass the room without gaining the conscience and continue to use dozens of plastic bags per day. In that sad place, we found amusement in observing people.


A movie about bad scenario due to the environmental problems


I love to play with the camera and try to catch some different scenes

The Flower Dome was something completely different than the Cloud Forest. Under one roof, there are different gardens presented with signature plants. Close to the entrance, there is the Australian garden with interesting trees, palm trees, and bushes. In the Mediterranean part, a few centuries old olive trees with plenty of pelargonium and rosemary plants are planted. Then, there is also the African Garden with huge Baobab trees. Even the desert-oriented cactus garden has its own place here. They have many different sorts of cactuses which vary in height and shape. Succulents are very ingeniously planted. The shapes matched the color and all those varieties they planted in one place were beautiful to see.


Succulent - for me one of the most photogenic plants



The part where we spent the most time was where the blooming flowers are. That was something for us to enjoy! With so many different flowers gathered at one place, I got to understand that not all the flowers are photogenic. Before that lesson, I always thought that this was not the case and every blossom looked perfect no matter what the background, patterns, and light. There is much more for a photo to become outstanding and not just a random shot.


Flower Dome is huge not so crowded


Here you can find so many neat ornaments, perfect for photo

After the flower beauty queen photo session, we headed for a walk among the steel treetops. The view from up there is nice. However, I was more focused on all the restriction signs that were placed along the BRV pathway. Once we reached the end, I wanted to go back and focus on the view that time. However, when we made a U-turn and a few steps a guard lady appeared from nowhere and directed us straight down. You snooze, you lose. No one cares, no second looks.


Flowers in all shapes and colors


Yes, even Sakura has its home here

It’s difficult for me to point out which one is the worthiest to be seen if anyone asked me. All the sights are completely different. If I had to choose, I would go with the Cloud Forest. However, my preferred option is to see it in the natural habitat where wildlife adds to the experience.

Photogallery of some great statues you can see there