Real Life Captured #176: Beypazari Turkey! Part Two (10 photos)

World Travel Pro @world-travel-pro6 months ago | 3 min read

Hey there my Steemit friends! In this "Real Life Captured Series" I do my best to bring you exactly that; the real life captured from destinations all around the world! After twelve years of travel experience my favorite thing to do is walk around! That's right, I simply like to go to foreign countries and walk around. I observe and photograph the people, food, culture, way of everyday life and bring it to you in this "Real Life Captured Series".

In these photos we are going to get a glimpse into the real life of the small Turkish town of Beypazari located an hour outside of the cities capital, Ankara. Beypazari is one of the first major small towns on the long road to Istanbul, there are many small towns along the way but this town due to it's proximity to Ankara has become a popular weekend getaway for the residents of this major city.

As an American looking for a unique cultural experience, I came to the right place. The Muslim Turkish culture leans to the west, and made me feel very welcome. The center of town is very old and historic, lined with shops and restaurants. The town is famous for of all things; carrots! That is right, in the fields surrounding this town they grow a lot of carrots. Also the town is known for the Turkish sweet pastry Baklava.

This small town of 40,000 was just the right size for a relaxing few days to simply unwind and hang out in. There was everything you needed in terms of shops, restaurants, museums, markets, nature hikes, and more. Besides that it had a very old world vibe. Some parts of town really had me feeling like I was stepping back in time. Now come a long and let's see if it has this effect on you too in this Travel Pro Real Life Captured Series of Beypazari Turkey!

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It is seen that it is a cozy place, with a lot of commerce. Very nice pictures.