Real Life Captured #229: Koh Phagnan Thailand! Part Two (10 photos)

Hey there friends and followers. This real life captured series is really going to be more like Travel Pro's Life Captured. I normally walk around and take photos of locals and everyday life; however I was so busy having fun, making friends, and enjoying myself so much that I ended up with photos mostly representing my lifestyle here rather than the lifestyle of the locals.

So this series in Koh Phagnan will give you an idea of how I spent my time and how many people spend their time when they come to this island. Koh Phagnan is known as a party island and as a solo traveler that worked out well for me. I wouldn't say I over indulged but going to a party is not a bad way to meet people if you are a solo traveler.

The island itself is really my favorite due to it's natural beauty, affordability, and old school Thai Style way of living (No shopping malls, no McDonald's, No Big Money Resorts). It's the perfect size island too in my opinion, big enough to not feel stuck while offering seeming endless activities, and beaches to visit, while small enough to ride a motor bike from one side to the other in less than an hour. Now come along and let's see some photos taken during my six weeks in Koh Phagnan Thailand in early 2019.

View Point Koh Phagnan Group Photo

Coral Bungalow Koh Phagnan Thailand

Coral Bungalow Koh Phagnan Thailand

Dan Waterfall Koh Phagnan Thailand

Dan Waterfall Koh Phagnan Thailand

Zen Beach Sunset Koh Phagnan

Zen Beach Drum Cirlce Koh Phagnan Thailand.jpg

Donald Trump in Koh Phagnan Thailand

Elephant with Hard-on Koh Phagnan Thailand

Full Moon Party Koh Phagnan Thailand

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Photo Credit: World Travel Pro!

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