Hey there my Steemit friends! Welcome back to the Galapagos! We find ourselves on the trail hiking along the southern coast of San Cristobal Island. This is the island that Charles Darwin spent the majority of his time studying and coming up with the theory of evolution.

I'm not really sure how he came to those conclusions I just see a bunch of animals well adapted to their environment. But that's just me! Speaking of animals this trek really is offering more than we bargained for. In part one we ventured around the beach area where we met several playful sea lions. In part two we stumbled into iguana territory.

In this part three we head out of the iguana area and up high into the cliffs in search of the famous Blue-Footed Booby. This bird of sea is one of the more famous inhabitants of the Galapagos Islands. I don't know if we will need luck on our side to see this thing, or like the iguanas they'll be everywhere! Now come along and let's do our best to find the Booby!

I must say I did a pretty good job timing this photo out with crash of the wave along the rocky shore. I really like how this photo shows the rough rigid shoreline of this unique Galapagos landscape.

We are still in iguana land! The Galapagos really offered me some great opportunities to practice my animal photography. I was able to catch this big guy only feet away climbing over the volcanic rocks.

This is the hiking trail! Let's be careful.

We listen to the sign and stop here to rest for a moment. I believe the "stop" sign suggest we don't climb over these huge boulders. We soon continue the search for the Blue-Footed Boobie!

What a landscape! Can you see the iguana in this photo?

I'm sure you can see him now. This is the only iguana species in the world that is aquatic. Quite remarkable!

Here is another one.

And another one!

Two more!

They're everywhere! And when you finally think you're alone there is one popping it's head out spying on you from behind a rock!

And there's one more. I suppose he enjoys a good view of the ocean as well.

And another.....uh that's no iguana. Our first sighting of a beautiful frigate bird. It's not the Blue-Footed Boobie but it certainly is beautiful!

It's red feet and red around it's eyes really stands out! Seems as if it doesn't mind if I get in close for a good photo.

How close can I get to this thing?

Looks like I got a little too close but I was able to take this photo before the frigate bird flew off.

Can you see the baby frigate bird tucked away in the rocks off in the distance? Let's head over for a closer look.

There he is. We better leave him alone and continue uphill in search for the Booby!

We climb up the rocky hillside and make it to the top of the cliff. Wow what a spectacular view! Now if I was a Blue-Footed Booby I would probably live up here. Let's keep going!

This is the landscape that has been to our left (inland) for the entire hike. At this elevations it is a dry desert area with these kind of plants and cacti. The entire island of San Cristobal actually has four different kinds of landscape each become greener as you go up in elevation. At the highest parts of the island the environment is a lush rain forest.

These photos were taken along the cliff's edge maybe twenty meters from the main path. The views are incredible and I find this a good spot to practice speaking on camera.

I'm still a bit fumbly on what to talk about, but I get much better in later adventures through out the week. At this point I put the hotel towel over my shoulders to keep the sun from burning me. Upon review of this video I realized that I was in a bit of a competition to be heard over the wind blowing high up on the cliff; but I'm sure you can hear most of what I'm talking about.

What's that on the edge of the cliff over there?

Hey, we found the Booby!

Boobies are my favorite!

Thank you so much for coming along and helping me find the beautiful Blue-Footed Booby. What a marvelous animal here on the Island of San Cristobal in the Galapagos. Until Next Time -Dan "World Travel Pro!"

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