Travel Pro Places of Interest #101: WWII Memorial Park, Odessa Ukraine! Part Three (10 photos)

World Travel Pro @world-travel-proFebruary 2019 · 3 min read

Hey there my Steemit friends! In this Travel Pro Places of Interest Series we focus on specific places of interest for a given location. This may come in the form of parks, museums, beaches, cathedrals, and much more. Always an interesting series and always informative!

The WWII Memorial Park in Odessa Ukraine will bring out a mixed bag of emotions for most visitors. At times I felt like a young boy in the most amazing jungle gym, making believe I was GI Joe. Other times I felt deep sadness for those who lost their lives by the very machines I was smiling next to while having my photo taken.

There were a lot of families at this park and the young children seemed to all be having a great time as these machines of death were nothing more than fun objects to climb on. The image of the young children with these war machines was humbling and in a few photos in this five part series you will be able to draw your own conclusions on exactly that.

The park is in the southern part of the city, you can get here on bus 175 from the city center. It will take about an hour and only cost 20 cents. It's the last stop and is also a short walk from the Ocean. There is also a forested area but the main attraction is all the WWII war machines on display including tanks, anti-aircraft guns, cannons, mines, missiles, a fighter jet, bombs, torpedoes, and even a huge submarine!

Odessa was invaded by the German Nazis and Romanians and defended by the Russian Red Army. Many people lost their lives during intense fighting. The Axis forces prevailed and occupied Odessa resulting in the Odessa Massacre of October 1941.

In a two day span 30,000 Jews were killed in Odessa and soon after the total grew to over 100,000 Ukrainian Jews being shot, burned alive, and murdered from areas between the Dniester and Bug rivers. Welcome to the horrors of WWII in this special five part Travel Pro WWII Memorial Series. Now come along and lets have a look as some of the machines of death used during this tragic blip on the timeline of humanity; from the WWII Memorial in Odessa Ukraine.

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Cool photos! The top one is an early model T-34, probably a T-34C

The tank destroyer in the foreground of the third photo is either an SU-85 or an SU-100

No, I don't play World of Tanks, I'm just a history buff :)


Very cool. You are always adding great info to my blog posts. Thank you!