Hey there friends and followers. One of my favorite things to do while traveling the world is exploring the markets. The market place is so exciting, it truly has an energy of it's own. The market is where people come together, socialize, and showoff what's good in their part of the world. It's fun, it's cultural, it's tasty, and I love it!

Going through my computer, I found photos of this market in Sofia Bulgaria taken long before the Cornona Virus situation. This farmer's market was located across the street from the cities biggest attraction the Saint Alaxandra Nevski Cathedral. This market was a great showcase of top quality food found here in Bulgaria's Capital city of Sofia.

Bulgaria is well known in this part of the world as an excellent producer of wine, cheese, breads, and pork products. These photos will certainly show this to be true. The Bulgarian people were very warm and friendly. Upon learning I was not from there they enthusiastically offered me all sorts of samples and were eager to learn more about me.

The market was not exceptionally big, but it was exceptionally festive with an area for people to eat, socialize and enjoy. Bulgaria is a gem of a Pay Less Get More travel destination. Everything was surprisingly inexpensive yet of very high quality. It was so much fun to spend some time at this market in Sofia Bulgaria! Now come along and lets have a look around!

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