Photography Report 1 - Bangkok Street Photography

worldcapture @worldcaptureSeptember 2018 · 3 min read

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Bangkok Streetphotography

Hey Guys!
Yesterday it was finally on the time to try out my new camera body in the streets of Bangkok. As some of my followers might know - I mainly want to focus on People/Street - Photography in the future. I documented my progress in the past few months in my 3 part Series Bangkok, Let's do this....
So yesterday afternoon around 2PM it was time to take the bus from my current location Chonburi to Bangkok, which takes around 1h if the traffic is not totale horrible (which it usually is :D).. And as I planed to stay overnight, I booked a cheap hostel called Sukhumvit 41 Leemur Hostel (250 Bath - 7 US$) in case someone is ever around Bangkok and is looking for a cheap hostel.
After checking in, preparing my camera bag and getting ready for shooting , I took the Skytrain to Chinatown which is an fabulous spot for Streetphotography as there are thousands of people out on a Saturday afternoon/evening enjoying to walk around and having some of the delicious food which you can find everywhere in the whole town.

China town.png

(Yaowarat RD - Chinatown, Bangkok)
My goal for the evening/night was to find interesting spots & people in this area and to develop my skill in Streetphotography . The thing which already changed since my first 3 attempts in the past months is, that I feel 100% confident walking around and taking pictures of people now. I remember the first time I was really shy and had to force myself to just click :)). Enough talking, let me show you some of the best pictures I took on my trip:

Chinatown, Bangkok











I was quite happy with the pictures I took in the first couple of hours (which you see above) but it still wasn't something special and I really wanted to get more unique shots from the streets. As I already walked around a lot I was pretty hungry and sat down in a restaurant to have some dinner and it suddenly started a heavy tropical Thunderstorm which brought a very strong rain on the streets and that was my chance, Go out there and get them shots!!
So I finished my food as fast as I could and went out in the heavy rain and things got more interesting :) :

Tropical rain over Chinatown













As the rain stopped it was shortly before midnight and the streets were still pretty busy and people enjoyed in every spot around this area. After spending many hours in this area I decided to take a few more shots and walk a bit outside of this area and get lost somewhere else in Bangkok and try to do some more "urban" Streetphotography















The last picture I took was from a guy sleeping on a chair on the streets. It was already after 2AM and I easily could have fallen asleep in one of those chairs as well :D .. But I was brave enough to take a taxi back to my Hostel.



The whole trip was super exciting and also exhausting (walked +20km) but I really enjoyed doing it :)

Thanks for reading !


As always, feel free to have a chat with me in the comments :))



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Jonboy @jantonSeptember 2018

howdy there from Texas worldcapture! wow that was some night you had! you walked 20 km? and spent all those hours out in the streets, that's some dedication and very impressive.
Even though this was exhausting are you going to do it again? because I think this could be additive!
great job sir.


Hey @Janton ! Thank you for your reply, appreciate it!

Yeah it was actually more than 20 Km walking through the streets :D But i enjoyed every second of it as it felt like christmas as a child, ha! I will do it again, 100% . I actually can not wait for my next attempt to go out and find interesting people to shoot pictures off ! :) Hope u have a great day!

Jonboy @jantonSeptember 2018

howdy again worldcapture! well that is certainly a fascinating snapshot of the nightlife of the city, most of those could be in magazines!


Thanks a ton Janton! Really appreciate it !!! :))


Brilliant and fabulous photography my dear @worldcapture!!🤗💙💜💙

Love, light and peace.


Thank you dear @stardivine :)) Happy you like it ! <3


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Whoa, awesome! Thank you very much @travelfeed! :)) Highly appreciate it!!

marblely @marblelySeptember 2018

These are really amazing photos @worldcapture. You truly captured the essence of the people there. I have been to Bangkok but not to the Chinatown specifically. But I can see Bangkok and at some parts maybe even Hong Kong in your photos :) It is interesting that there was a bus with South Korea flag on it. The hostel is really cheap isn't it? And wow, you walked 20+km during the trip, going around taking photos? That is quite an achievement! The best part I think, it doesn't really feel like 20KM, right? :) Thank you so much for sharing them with us. I enjoyed reading your post and viewing your photos.


Hey @marblely :)) Thank you very much for your comment. Well yeah , the hostel was super cheap - it was like 8$ incl. breakfast :D Well no it does not feel that much when u just walk around and enjoy what you are doing :) Hope you have a great day !

marblely @marblelySeptember 2018

Oo including breakfast is a really good deal. I know things in Thailand can be cheap if you look around for them and you found one :) Did you try the Thai massage when you were there? I heard it can be really cheap too but scary because they do the breaking-bone-action type of massage :D


Stunning, you got some talent!


Thanks @for91days !! Working on it, ha ! Cheers :))

moniroy-moni @moniroySeptember 2018

Wonderful photography 📷


Thank you dear @moniroy :))

moniroy-moni @moniroySeptember 2018

Welcome dear worldcapture


Awesome street photography my friend. I liked these....


Neat street photos!


Thanks @postcardsfromlbn :))

yk design @ykdesignSeptember 2018

wonderful street life...very beautiful Bangkok city your photography my friend Chris ❤ i very much love with 2 monomad effect photo.


Thank you very much @ykdesign ! I'm glad you like it :)) <3

Gin Seladipura @gibicSeptember 2018

This is so good! Who cares with Steem price goes down if there's a great content like this. Awesome post, mate!


Thank you very much @gibic !! Appreciate your comment :)) And I agree, there is no Need for worrying about the price. Patience is always the key :))