Hitchhiking to paradise - Wadi Bani Khalid, Oman

worldcapture @worldcaptureFebruary 2019 · 5 min read

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14:35 - I checked the time after the local Bus dropped me off in the middle of nowhere. "Where the hell am I??" - Well, thanks to google maps I knew at least the location where I had to leave the bus. It was funny as I was the only person who went out of the bus in this area. Left / Right - There was absolutely nothing around me except a little tea shop and mountains. Lots of mountains.

Traveling as an Individual in Oman can be tricky and sometimes also be very difficult. But it's possible and way more exciting in my opinion. Traveling around with a group in a comfortable AC cooled Van sounds nice but wasn't the thing I was looking for.


So now I was staying exactly at this spot where you can see in the picture above. My target was to reach Wadi Bani Khalid - some mountain oasis in this area. I knew it was about 30 km from the spot where I stood so I had to move on. My Idea was finding a taxi / share car or hitchhike up to the mountains.


I pretty fast realized that there are not a lot of cars in this area :D .. So I just kept walking along the road which headed to the mountains. "Oh - did I already mention that it was HOT?? If not - It was freaking HOT out there!!!". Just always make sure that you have enough water with you. I know, it can be annoying carrying around but you will need it!



The little well drawn guy in the photo above is me. This was exactly the location where I was staying and started to walk up the mountain road.




After walking for about 20 minutes finally a car passed me and I didn't even had to say a lot. They stopped and I told them that I want to get up to Wadi Bani Khalid - And the guy replied quickly "Sure, get in. I live closed to the oasis in a small village near by. I can drop you off there.". Perfect!



So now I had 2 new local friends who enjoyed talking to them self and I sat in the back and enjoyed listening to them. Even I couldn't understand a single word :D .. But there is something in the Arabic language what I really like. I'm not sure what it is but I just enjoy listening to it.





The way up through the mountains was breathtaking beautiful. I haven't seen anything like that for a while.

As we got further up we also passed some little villages. It all seemed very peaceful and relaxed watching the people who lived up there.





As we got closer to the Oasis, Ismir (the driver) gave me his phone number so I could call him later when I'm done walking around. Of course I gave him a little tip for the drive. But It was definitely way cheaper compared to a taxi or even a tour.

After getting out of the car there was a 10 min walk ahead before I arrived at the Oasis.




And than I was finally there. "Wow!!! How the heck?!?.." - Even I saw pictures of Wadi Bani Khalid before - Staying there by myself was just incredible. Hard to find the right words for the beauty of this area.




Such an incredible spot in the middle of the mountains. Breathtaking!

This area itself is quite big and you can enjoy walking around those lakes, take a swim, drink a tea or a cold coffee, have a snack in the restaurant up there or what ever you like. It's a great location to spend some relaxed time.

After around 3 hours I called Ismir, if he has time to give me a lift back down. He agreed and this time his friend wasn't in the car so I had a seat in the front and enjoyed the amazing view around me again.





Ismir dropped me off a Guest house which I booked early on the day. Man.. What an amazing trip this was. Looking at all those pictures again makes me really want to go back to this place or just discover some other beautiful nature.

Would I recommend hitchhiking in Oman?

Absolutely! Omani people are super friendly and helpful. Once you get to know them a bit better they will talk very openly and you will hear great stories about their life's.

Just always assess the situation and listen to your inner feeling if a situation feels comfortable for you or not. Just like in every other country.

Thanks for reading!




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I would never have expected to see such beauty when there is nothing else around. I have heard of these oasis type wadi's before ,but I had no idea. It is a little paradise in the middle of nowhere and well worth the effort. I am sure the water is warm as well. You were lucky to find such a friendly person to help you with the lifts.


Yeah I was surprised as well when I saw them first! I did not expect them to be so beautiful! Thanks ! :))

bidesign @bidesignFebruary 2019

Woow nice captures 👍👏 love them one by one


Thanks a lot! Appreciate it :))


I was planning to go to Oman last year but at end we stayed in Europe. It looks like an amazing place to be and I will definitely consider going there as soon as possible.

I can imagine it was hot ;) I have friends in Saudi and they say that you can't even get out of the car there as it's too hot :) Lucky you with that driver.. I've heard that people there are very nice..

The landscape is beautiful! So different to what we have here.. and that lake really was unexpected! So much water in the middle of a desert.

Lovely photos, great story! Thank you for sharing and have a great weekend!


Thanks for your comment! Yeah you have to go when ever the time is right :) Oman is such a beautiful country by its people , landscape and cities.

I wish you a great weekend as well! :))

... @himalayannomadFebruary 2019

It was a great trip and told me about how fun and adventurous wandering at a unknown place can be. That oasis was worth making efforts for. So peaceful and serene. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for reading it and your kind comment! Indeed, amazing country! :))


Meaningful traveling is being able to add new things and be close to local people.

Traveling alone is sometimes really scary when lost but that's the sensation of a trip.

Thanks for sharing your story @worldcapture


Thanks for the comment :)) It was definitely worth the experience :))


What a fantastic place, mother nature is so unpredictable. How does such a little oasis appear in the middle of nowhere? Simply fantastic!!!

So, you were traveling alone, in Oman? you never had any problems or fear of being mugged?

Thank you very much for sharing this great article and superb photos! 😄


Absolutely. Hard to explain how shocked? suprised? excited! I was when I saw it with my own eyes. Well I travel 95% of the time alone. I don't like to follow anyone except myself. I hope that dosen't Sound to egoistic hahaha :D Because the meaning behind it is simple - I like to be able to do when and what ever I want at any time :D. I'm an very open Person and really like to get contacts with local persons I met on my travels. I want to feel all the Spirit :)



I understand. After all, I do the same! 😉


Oman is such a beautiful place with it's rugged landscape and natural scenery, hope you had a great time there


Indeed. I loved being there! Cheers :))

ferrate @ferrateFebruary 2019

Lovely surroundings in there. Such a cool awesome place to be always. I really enjoyed reading your blog and I was touched with your words. I only hope I get the chance to visit the place too.


Thanks a lot! Means a lot when someone takes the time to read what I wrote :)) Cheers!

ferrate @ferrateFebruary 2019

You are humbly welcome. and it's more lovely when you give people hope each day like you do


Wow! Such breathtaking views... From the luscious to the magnificent mountains, the beautiful blue sky and even the building, they are just so beautiful. I love that building that has like a peach painting, it's a beautiful one...

There definitely is something about going alone sometimes, it gives room for more adventures, adventures that friends or other members of the group could easily turn down.

Glad to hear that the people over there are friendly too, else, you would have been stuck in the middle of nowhere😆. Seems like this adventure was a success....

And oh, that water. The color is just beautiful! Your photos are stunning!!!


Thank you very much! Yeah I absolutely enjoy traveling alone. It's way more exciting and the feeling of freedom is way bigger. Just follow you own path, ha.


ErikaH @erikahFebruary 2019

I knew Oman has some beautiful places but had no idea how beautiful. Now thanks to you I know. You're definitely a brave person and you'd been rewarded for that with these amazing scenes. Lovely photos by the way.


Thank you very much :) Maybe you will have the chance to visit it yourself one day? It's worth it ! :)) Cheers

ErikaH @erikahFebruary 2019

On my bucket list, definitely and fingers crossed 😀