Hua Lamphong Railway Station Bangkok

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Would you believe me when I tell you that I walked around in a Railway Station for more than 4 hours finding interesting people to photograph? Well, that's what I did last weekend. I went to a Railway Station called Hua Lamphong - The main station in Bangkok.

Let me tell you some facts first about the Hua Lamphong Station:

  • Build in 1916 (102 years old)
  • 14 platforms with 26 ticket booths
  • Daily 130 trains arrive and leave and approximately 60,000 passengers each day.
  • The goverment of Thailand plans to close it in 2019 and move the Main Station Bang Soe and make a museum out of the old station.




The Hua Lamphong Station is located in the Pathum Wan District - You can go there by MRT as both stations are connected since 2004.

Hua Lamphong Railway Station



It was on the last weekend when I planed to go to Bangkok on Saturday shortly after lunch. As usual I took the Bus which takes 1 hour , Checked- In in my Hostel and went out to take pictures. I arrived at the station at around 4 PM as I planed to stay there during the golden hour and also when it's dark. Always helpful to get all light situations.









It really is the variety of people what always brings me back to different Railway stations. Now I really can't imagine anything better on a saturday afternoon then walking around those stations and take pictures of all different kinds of people. It might sound silly but I really enjoy doing it, ha!















You can see so many different characters and individuals. People doing all kind of things - Sleeping, Eating, Drinking, Smoking, Talking, Laughing and just simply interacting. There is so much going on. Those places are so alive and so interesting to watch. It's not that I just run around and photography the people - A big part of what I'm doing is watching people. No, not in a creepy way, ha! Just watch them.













As you can see on the last pictures the sun went already down and it was dark outside. I used the light situation to find another interesting lighted spot in the station and took some more photos there.











I really hope you guys enjoyed the littel journey with me through the Railway Station Hua Lamphong. Trust me when I tell you that a lot of heart and passion went into this report. I enjoyed every minute working on it even it took days to complete it :)).
Thanks for reading!


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fantastic pictures!!!👍🏻👍🏻

Thanks a lot! Appreciate it!

Crazy beautiful pics. I really never imagine Hua Lamphong real moment could be that pretty lol

Thanks! Well in everything dark you can find something pretty :))

amazing photography friend @worldcapture

Thank you very much :))

thank your welcome friend,thank for sharing.

awesome picture brother @worldcapture

Thanks @alancobra! Appreciate it :))

thank you again.

Man, just wow :O

Thanks bro! Appreciate it :))

You got a lovely set of camera and u ique taste of photography. I have veen in so many railway station in India. I did observe number of activity and also the different types of people. I loved ibteracting with them in person but never care to click a picture of them. Quite interestingly i feel shy asking for a pic.
Another noticiable thing...the station is quite clean and empty...on the other side india. Railway station is full of people round the clock. You hardly get chance to survive

Thanks for your comment @steemflow! Well it's true , there were not to many people around , even the daily amount of passengers who are coming and going are around 60.000. I can imagine that train stations in India are different, but probably also interesting - Photography wise. Hope you have a great rest saturday! Cheers

Excellent shots! I have spent a lot of time here coming and going and I had a lot of trouble with the light. Plus I was always distracted by my luggage. Great idea to go when you were not travelling and I wish I had do that too.

I see so much here that I recognize. Thank you for bringing back some memories :)

Thanks for the comment @fitinfun :) And my pleasure brining your memories back, ha! It indeed is a nice location to just spend some hours and walk around ! :))

I can tell you they have good cheap food along the back, awesome cheap mocha in the front and the pharmacy is run by a really nice man who will help you with your symptoms. I feel like I want to go back now. but my photos and filming are horrible. So glad to see you doing it right :)

I don't think you photos are horrible @fitinfun ! It's all about practice and I saw some really good images taken by you! Hope you have a great sunday!

Thank you so much for the compliment and encouragement. I try not to compare myself to others, but this is a place of high quality. I will not stop!

phortun @phortunDecember 2018

Dude, you are a true master of people photography. These are exceptional captures.

Thank you very much @phortun ! I really appreciate that! Hope you have a great weekend!

I do like watching people too :D not in a creepy way but simply watching what they do and how they behave. I don't know why they fascinate me this much :)

You took some amazing photos and I'm almost sure I'll get the equipment that we were talking about. I'm just waiting for your video review :) and then I'm settled.

I don't think that it's strange to enjoy walking at the station. We all have some things which we love and others may perceive them as strange. Live and let live :)

Thank you for sharing, Chris :) Have a lovely weekend!

Thank you for comment @delishtreats ! Ah, now I know who you are on Steemit, ha! I'll send you a Feedback about the Video mode later today! Hope you have a great day ahead! :))

I'm so sorry that I didn't get back to you today! I've been so busy and tired.. I will chat you tomorrow :)

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