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My second day in Kathmandu started quite early at around 07:30 AM. I woke up to have some of the nice breakfast my hostel provided. Some local farm fresh vegetables with fried potatoes and a scrambled egg + Orange juice and a strong cup of coffee. Perfect started for the day.
My plan on this day to go out of Kathmandu to visit a old town called Bhaktapur (Khwopa) - the Place of devotees. It's an ancient city about 14 km away from the center of Kathmandu which makes it super easy to get there by taxi for less than 5$ if you negotiate right.




If you wonder why it needs at least 35 mins to drive the distance of 14 km - It's simply because of the extremely slow traffic in Nepal. It just takes ages to get from one point to another. But we are traveling - So no rush needed :))


Bhaktapur is also known as the city of culture. It has a several museums, many temples and also some really old buildings. Walking around this city make you feel like a time travel 200-300 years back.

As you can see in this little video - The city is full of small and tiny alleys surrounded by very old buildings. A very special vibe is around this old city.

Durbar Square

As soon as you arrive in front of the old village - Some locals will come to inform you that you need a ticked to walk around and also to have access to the museum. The day ticked cost you about 8$ with every temple/museum etc. entry included.


Some of the buildings are also currently under construction as they still suffer from the big earthquake back in 2015. Also, the Square is now part of the UNESCO World Heritage (1 of 7 in the Kathmandu valley)
To get around in this city you just simply walk. It's not that big and there is everywhere something to see what you shouldn't miss out. Also going inside the temples and museum is a must do as it shows a lot of the traditions and history of this place.

Walking around this city is really enjoyable also in terms of food. A must try as some of the locals told me is the famous "buffalo yogurt with fresh local honey" - "Juju dhau". I'm usually not a big fan of "sweets" but that yogurt tasted absolutely delicious!
What I also loved about the city was the mix of old buildings and super colorful things everywhere around. The contrast was something pretty unique and special in my eyes.

You can see all those colors around the religious statues. I'm not 100% sure what this is about but maybe someone of you knows it and tells me in the comments :).
After visiting some of the buildings I continued to walk around further in the streets through some of the old building alleys. You can get lost in there quite easy as they seem endless but that definitely makes it more interesting to discover.

After spending the day in this town I went back on the early evening to have some dinner back in Kathmandu and went to bed not much later after. Walking around all day made me quite tired which is good for the fact that I had my sleep rhythm back which I lost before in India :)
I hope you enjoyed this little tour with me through this beautiful old city near Kathmandu.
Thanks for reading.

Chris :))


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