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Good day guys!

Today I want to share some photos with you which I took last weekend in Maeklong. Maybe some of you remember that I've been there before and I also wrote a Report about it how to go there and how to get around.

This time I went there to show 2 friends around who stayed a couple of days in Bangkok around Maeklong to see the Railway and the Floating market. I will split this report in 3 sections:

  • Railway market
  • Train portraits
  • Floating market

Our trip started at 11:00 AM when we met at the Bangkok Southern Bus Station. The ride from there takes usually about 1.5 hours but all of that and more details you can read in the previous Report which I wrote.


Railway Market Maeklong


Just as last time I went there - It was hot! VERY HOT! - Always make sure to have enough water with you and have some rests in one of the local coffee houses and enjoy a cold drink. This really helps you going through the hot day without feeling dizzy or dehydrating .

At first we took a walk through the famous market which goes along a narrow railway track. People selling fresh fish, vegetables, fruits and local deserts along the way. Make sure to try some food out.








It's great how many different nationalities and cultures you can find around this area. There is always this mix of chaotic relaxedness with many different smells from all the great food which is all around. I really do love any kind of markets in Asia. They got a very special charm and such an unique spirit.

As soon as you hear the loud horn people getting ready to pack all their little shops together and move everything inside as they know that the train will arrive within the next 5 minutes.



Train Portraits Railway Maeklong

I was most excited about this part - Taking some portraits on the passing train. I have to say - There is not a lot of space to move. Actually no space at all an the train almost touches you :D So be careful where you stay.









Not only the people along the railway where super excited about the passing train - Also the people inside the train very much enjoyed it and I shook some hands and gave around some High Fives with some of the passengers. It's just such a great experience if people giving you a huge smile without knowing you just because of the fact that they having a great time. No room for any judgments.


Floating Market Maeklong

After spending some time at the railway we decided to drive the 5 min way up to the floating market (You can use those "Longtail" blue Pickup share cars which bring you there for 10 TBH (0.25$)).

And as I already mentioned last time, please make sure to try some of the amazing seafood around this market. You can't get it any fresher then there!





If you have a couple of days time in Bangkok - Maeklong is a perfect spot to spend a day trip to.


I hope you enjoyed this second virtual trip with me around Maeklong :)

Let me know in the comments if you ever been there or to similar cool markets!


Thanks for reading :))




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